June 6, 2009

~We're Heeere!! We're Blessed~We're Ready for a Rest!~

Hello Friends! I'm back! Whew....I wondered if I'd make it :-)! We are in our new home in Iowa, and believe it or not....we are almost unpacked! I believe the Lord gave me a super boost of energy to help me get through it. And I am ready for some R&R. (smiles) Yesterday hubby & I went back to Illinois to our old home which had not sold yet :-( We cleaned and blew and chopped and raked, mopped and vacuumed....getting ready for our last open house before the company my husband works for takes over the home. We said good bye home-Be well old girl! And took off! It was hard, as every single flower in the yard was blooming and what a beautiful sight it was! I walked around and remembered who had given me each flower, and of course dug up some cuttings for my new home (which is sadly lacking the beauty of an abundance of color...temporarily!) and we took off for Iowa once again. Half of the way home, my phone rang! It was Judy, our real estate agent. The house SOLD!!!! We were so overjoyed!! Immediately my hubs & I gave thanks to our Lord for this wonderful blessing! Then.....we called everyone we knew to give them the Great News!! It has been on the market for 3 long months without a single offer...and two days before we have to turn it over to the company, we get an offer we can joyfully accept! Boy, the Lord keeps you on your toes!! Believe in prayer~never give up hope~trust God! During this three months, those are the words I heard over and over again from my mom..God Bless her! Thank you Lord! So, even though we are bone tired, we are rejoicing! I am so happy to be back on line, I have missed all of you so much and simply cannot wait to read your blogs to see what I have missed this last two weeks. I wish a Blessing in each and every one of your lives this week~Be watching...it's coming! Hugs & Blessings, Sharon


  1. I am happy for you that your house sold..Great news..
    Beautiful view ..

  2. Congrats!...and welcome back!!


  3. What lovely news ... congrats@ & now you can really enjoy your new home. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Sharon, How wonderful to see you back in blogland. And how blessed you were to get the last minute sale on your house. Praise the Lord!!!! Glad you could take some of your flowers with you for your new yard.
    Email me with your new address. I have something special for you.
    (((hugs and blessings)))

  5. that's our Lord;the 11th hour God. Just when all hope is (possibly) gone, he comes through showing us it is him that did it and nothing on our own efforts. so thankful (thank you Lord) that your house sold, Sharon! that is awesome news

    I'm glad you are settling in; in no time that will feel like home to you and I know with your talent and diligence, soon that house will have beautiful flowers blooming around it :)