October 29, 2009

~Using Time Wisely~

Throughout our lives we have heard the saying, "Use your time wisely." That thought keeps running through my mind today as I am sitting in front of my window watching the rain fall, the confetti of orange and red leaves blowing off of the trees, covering the green grass. The thunder is rumbling and the sky is a solid flat color of gray. I have my quilt, my books, a shawl that I am knitting , and I am cozy and warm. I am blessed.
Sometimes it is just all right to be quiet. It is a time to reflect and give thanks. A time of peace without demanding noise. No television, no music, no insistent message beeps from the phone...just silence.
"There is time in which to be, simply to be, that time in which God quietly tells us who we are and who He wants us to be. It is then that God can take our emptiness and fill it up with what He wants, and drain away the business with which we inevitable get involved in the dailyness of human living." Madeleine L'Engle
Sometimes it is necessary to be still..to use time wisely.

October 28, 2009

~Rose Colored Glasses~

Good Morning Friends! As I was reading my morning devotional, "Soul Retreats for Women" I came across this wonderful story that I wanted to share with you.

"A gal who is remembered around the world for her mountainous hope was described as "being excessively cheerful and unduly optimistic." She was said to have looked at an impossible situation through rose-colored glasses.
Five days into a trip across the Atlantic on the legendary Titanic, Margaret Tobin Brown found herself bobbing around in a lifeboat in the freezing cold with fourteen other women and prophet-of-doom officer. The officer insisted they'd never escape the undertow when the ship went down.

Margaret refused to give in to negative thinking. If this man wasn't going to save the lifeboat, she would. She insisted they keep warm by fast-paced rowing during those daunting hours before they were rescued, and lifted their hopes with her indomitable spirit. She created survivor lists and radioed them to the families. She even raised money for destitute victims of the sinking, collection almost $10,000 in pledges. She rightly earned the famous nickname, "The Unsinkable Molly Brown."

Isn't that a wonderful story? And in keeping with this uplifting theme, John Homer Miller wrote, " Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. Circumstances and situations do color life, but you....choose what the color will be."

My sweet mom gave me this little book in 2002, and I have read and reread it so many times. It's a dear book of poems and scripture mixed with quotes from various well known people. And such a great way to begin my day. I hope that you enjoyed the story as well.

October 27, 2009

~Dear Sweet Rebecca,

Good Morning Friends~
Just to share a few words and a newly completed project with you all. First,the words...it happens rarely that you find someone who is so generous of heart to take the time to share and post a wonderful new crafting technique with all who would want to learn. Rebecca of A Gathering of Thoughts is that rare jewel. I'm sure that many of you have visited her sites on Blogger and on Ebay as well and have seen her superb work. Rebecca is a very special lady and her work reflects her sweet soulful spirit. Through her beautiful blog I have learned to print a photo onto fabric! Thank You Sweet Rebecca!

October 26, 2009

~A Nature Walk~

Today is such a Beautiful Fall day! The wind is barely blowing, and the sun is peeping out here and there. I decided to take a little walk and snap some photos. I started from my back porch. Just look at the colors of that tree! Isn't is marvelous? Then out to the front yard to chase Freeway...who was chasing squirrels! As I looked for the doggy I found these HUGE mushrooms! Wow! They are very interesting, no? Wonder if they are edible? Then across the road and down in the valley I spied some beautiful fall colors. The picture is rather faded but still very pretty.
This morning I went to the college and filed my intent to graduate!! In May, my long...long quest for the education I failed to pursue in my youth will be realized! It felt so good to walk out of the buildings and know that my time spent inside those once, so intimidating walls is almost over. I recalled the first day that I attended a class...I had been out of school for 25 years or so. I didn't know where I was going, and I didn't know anyone. I made it to my class...so far so good...then, as soon as it was over, while waiting for my next class to begin...I went outside, sat in my car and just cried!! (smiling) I don't know why I was so overcome with emotion right then...probably overwhelmed, nervous, and scared. I almost drove away..I really did. I remember looking around and being so self conscious that I was the oldest person in the class! Ha! It didn't take long to feel at ease, and like I belonged there. So...hurry up, but take your time getting here May!
As I walked along the gravel road on my nature walk this morning I had a chance to thank the Lord for all of the blessings in my life...the wonderful family & Darling hubby that I love so so much, being able to complete school, to live in such peace and tranquility here on my little hilltop retreat. I even thanked God that I was able to take the walk and thankful that my shoes and pants were covered in mud from stepping in a hole as I breathed in the beauty around me. Thankful that little by little this condo queen is becoming a little more outdoorsy and comfortable with that.
Blessings All~

October 23, 2009

~Baby It's Cold Outside!!!!~

And that's all I have to say about that!!!

October 22, 2009

~So, You Think It's Easy, Huh?~Alicia Merret

Greetings! A couple of days ago, I happened upon the website of Alicia Merret, and as it often goes, I ended up spending several hours getting acquainted with the work of this "Oh So Talented Fabric Artist!" I even watched her Part 1, 2, & 3 videos on youtube. I am enthralled with her work, not only the excellence in her designs, and her sewing prowess.....but her colors! She uses bright, bold colors in her quilting art, rarely ever a pastel or white. And it is such a wonderful contrast with her wavy uneven lines that are her trademark. Forget straight lines!! BORRRRING! Go for waves and curves it's fun! Well, after watching her videos, I set out to make a swatch to see if I really understood what she was doing. Although it looked easy enough and made sense when she did it....I found that sewing an uneven line, is rather daunting! You have to get used to crooked being a good thing! It's really not easy at all! How many times I have finished a seam, cut the thread, pulled it off of the machine and looked at a crooked line thinking...what the heck happened here??!! But, when you try to do it on purpose??!! It's hard!! Too funny! Anyway, here is my swatch of crooked lines, and an attempt to boldly contrast my pinks and whites with COLOR!! (smiling) If you get a chance, please look up her youtube videos. She is AMAZING!!

October 21, 2009

~Fall In Full Swing!~

What Splendor! Every morning I wake up and open the shades to find a drastic change in the color of the yard! Sometimes the sugar maples look pink...the very next day they are a stunning combination of pink, orange, brown, and green! What a beautiful scene what a beautiful time of year! The weather has been wonderful, about 60 degrees this week, and my hubby and I have enjoyed each and every moment of it. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and see what awaits!!

October 18, 2009

~Mixing Vintage & New..Perfectly Charming~

A few days ago I shared with you some fabric I was going to use to make a rag quilt. I had decided to keep it for my living room. A few years ago I found some wonderful Scalamandre fabric online and recovered these old chairs; one is an old Morris Chair that my hubby got at an auction for 20.00(directly above); and the other one is a homemade chair that we also bought at auction for 5.00. They are tiger sawn oak and the wood is just beautiful which is what attracted us to each of them in the first place. This quilt looks fantastic with the colors of the chair fabric! So...it's ours!! The house is quite bright today as we finally have sun, so the colors on the chairs are a bit muted, but they just look wonderful together! Next...new curtains!
I also wanted to mention that I have been pouring over several series written by the author, Terri Blackstock. If you ever find any books by her...pick them up! They are fabulous. Newpointe 911 is the series I have just finished...great!
One last thing, I was looking at gardens on the Internet the other day, as I am planning to use our acreage for beauty as well as sustenance. I ran across a blog that was so beautiful I wanted to share the loveliness with you. Sweet Maria at Casa Dulce Hogar in Santiago, Chilie has the Most Romantic gardens and Gorgeous landscaping! You won't want to miss this!
Blessings Everyone!
P.S. Is this music fun or what?? It is called, "The Way, The Truth, The Life" by John W. Watilo
It makes me want to get up and DANCE! Bless you!

October 14, 2009

A Little Color From Farm Country Iowa~

Good Morning! As part of my "learn to love fall" therapy, I tromped all over my little hilltop paradise looking for spectacular "Fall Color." Now I have been seeing blogs all over the web with the MOST Gorgeous fall photos. So off I went seeking splendor, with my trusty companion Freeway, hiking under dripping trees and through saturated bushes over damp muddy ground in 40 degree weather, trying my hardest to enjoy the great outdoors in fall! It just wasn't workin' for me.....So, back onto safer ground.. the tree is right in my front yard as is the sedum at the bottom, the other red bush is in my neighbor's yard. And frankly, I'm a mess, muddy from head to toe, cold and damp!! Perhaps I should stick to my front yard for awhile until I really get in the spirit of fall! For now, I will take a steaming hot bath, light my candles, and have a nice cup of hot tea. Actually fall IS rather nice...looking towards the outside from cuddly warmth of the inside!
Oh yes...did I mention that the wind is blowing 30 miles an hour?!
Ahhh yes...the Great Outdoors!!

October 13, 2009

Show & Tail~The Sun's Up...Don't Wake Me!

Ugh! Not Again With the Camera!!!
Sun's Up~Rise and Shine!

Oh Yea, It's a Great Day! Now...Let Me Back In~

Time for a Morning Nap!!
Believe it or not...there is a beautiful brand new dog bed at the foot of my bed. Won't use it!! Maybe if I put a pillow on it?? She seems to need a Pillow! Eureka! Off to the Laundromant for the quilt sized machines!!
It's a dogs life!
Please join Angela at WVTreasures for more Wonderful Show and Tail posts!

October 12, 2009

~Cold Weather & A Cozy New Quilt!~

Hap-py Monday Mornin' Friends!! Time for a new quilt...and I may keep this one! I just love Cyrus Clark fabrics, and these particular (3 top ones) are my absolute favorites! Because they are discontinued (darn) I think I should keep it. It's so cheerful and bright and those colors are just so appealing! I will post the finished product for you to see. I am actually running on no sleep, (every once in a while that happens), & 3 cups of coffee...better go use up my energy on the treadmill while it lasts! Blessings~

October 8, 2009

~WHAT THE......??

Bark! Bark bark!! Bark! GRRRRRRRR! Bark! Bark bark!! That's how I woke up this morning! "Freeway Shhhhh!" Bark...bark....bark bark.
So I get up and this is what I see out the front window! Now you might be thinking, not unusual, my dog would bark at horses too...right? Well, Freeway has been around these very same horses, for 7 or 8 months now, sees them on a daily basis with their riders and never once has barked at them, so what's different?? Nobody is riding them!!!! Yes, I do believe that when Freeway sees the horses everyday as they are being ridden right in front of the house, she thinks they are weird cars or something! She just stands there and watches them go by, very calmly, no big deal, the rider says hi to her, and she wags her tail. But put them out to pasture with no rider...and she goes Berserk!!!! Put a rider on them; she's fine with that. I just think that is the funniest thing! I am just doubled over with delight! I love that ol' dog!

October 6, 2009

~Ordinary or Extraordinary?~

Seeing the beauty in the ordinary, that perhaps was once missed
In favor of, or rather because of our busy lives and crowded minds.
As I was reading my morning devotional I came across a beautiful poem written by Charlotte Adelsperger.
"God can paint rich hues
on the misty memories of my past.
He can shine a guiding ray
on my choices for the future.
But God's love reigns best
when he, in nearness, holds
this very moment in his hand."
Delight in the moment, cherish the past, and welcome the future.
Blessings Friends~

October 5, 2009

~Hee-Haw!! Look At Her Go!! Ride Em' Cowgirl!~

Look at her go!!

Do you remember when my mom visited? Well, we had such a wonderful time together, lots of laughter and fun...we even did some crafts together! Lunches, shopping, and exploring. Well, the day to mow the lawn came, and mom asked what she could do to help...I have some old metal chairs that I have repainted, and then painted a little country vignette on each one. I mentioned that she might like to paint some stars on one of the pieces. And she did...
I got on the mower and began to mow..around and around...on about the 3rd time around as I passed my mom on the deck, I stopped and asked if she would like to get on and mow for awhile. Whoo Hoo!! She loved it!! Isn't she adorable? She mowed for about an hour (with me running around behind her taking pictures). At 81, I was concerned that perhaps she might be sore the next day, so I took over to give her a break.....15 minutes later, she's back out and ready to mow again!!
The next day...I had trouble getting out of bed, as my legs were so sore from running after the mower for photos...my mom felt WONDERFUL! She said she'd much rather mow than sit there and paint! Here's my question....when did my mom become YOUNGER than I am??

October 3, 2009

~In The Pink~

In honor of the dreary, cold Saturday we are having here in the Midwest...I decided to make a Pink Sunshine Rag Quilt! Cheerful, right?? It works for me! Hope your day is filled with Family, Friends & Cuddles.