March 29, 2010

~What a Day!~

What a Beautiful Day today! Crisp, clear, clean. Oh I love these spring days! I am making a mental list of all of the things that need to be done in the yard...The old buckboard needs some shoring up to insure that pots full of flowers can be safely set inside. That dirt under the wagon is actually a flower bed that hubby accidently sprayed roundup on last year....thought it was weeds....

Wishing you a wonderful week, hubby's on vacation, so we're off for the day!! Blessings~

March 19, 2010

~A Beautiful Sunrise!~

What a pretty sunrise this morning! Did you see it? I am up at 5:00am each day to make breakfast for my wonderful husband and see him off to work. I usually spend the next two hours doing homework. It's so quiet here always, but the early morning is particularly peaceful as the cows, horses, and that silly old mule haven't awakened...well, at least their tummy's aren't growling yet. Most of my 4 neighbors are gone to work by six o'clock, and I go out to have coffee on the deck, plan my day and let the dog run around. I am so blessed to be able to have time like this, and I am very grateful, never taking it for granted. In my daily readings I came across this Quiet Corners reading by William Arthur Ward,
"Practice the art of aloneness and you will discover
the treasure of tranquility. Develop the art of
solitude and you will unearth the gift of serenity."
(Soul Retreats for Women)
Have a Beautiful Weekend!!

March 13, 2010

Spring Forward~

The geese are coming back in droves! The sky is alive with the sounds of honking and the glorious sight of chevron positioning. Forward...back...forward....back as one tires, and another pulls up to take over the lead. The geese in the rear of the formation are constantly honking to remind the flock to keep up the speed. Flying in a V pattern, each set of wings create an uplift for the goose behind, making it more aerodynamic and easier to fly with less wind resistance. If one bird is ill, two will leave the formation, following the sick bird to the ground and stay with it, until it can fly once again, or it dies. What a beautiful relationship! The geese remind me that spring is on its way!
Don't forget to turn your clocks forward!

March 10, 2010

~ It's DeTox for Me!~

For years I have been trying to find a non toxic multi purpose cleaner that I can use daily inside my home without the worry that I am poisoning my hubby, myself and Freeway. Honestly, I have used some cleaning products that would curl your toes! Stuff that catches in your throat and makes you cough. Shower cleaners that made me dizzy! And cleaners that corroded the bathroom fixtures. How toxic is that? My poor old dog would sneeze and run into another room when I cleaned. My hubby & I would wake up with stuffy noses and headaches. We're talking TOXIC! Several months ago I happened to catch a "Dr. OZ" when he was speaking about the health dangers of toxic cleaning fluids. He said not to buy any product that doesn't have the ingredients listed. I went to my cupboard, and noticed that several of the products didn't have the chemicals listed! He gave a recipe for an easy to make, non toxic cleanser and I began to use it. I only wish that I had found it sooner! I wanted to share it with you in case you missed OZ. Bonus!!! It turns out that in the last several months (4 or 5) I have saved a substantial amount of money on cleaning goods.
I like that! But most of all we can breathe better in this home of ours and we haven't had headaches on a regular basis like before. And... it smells good and clean.
Here is the recipe, so easy to make:
1 tbl. Borax (remember the 20 mule team?)
3 tbl. vinegar
2 cups water
1 tbl. liquid dish soap (not dishwasher soap)(not shown in picture)
1 drop essential oil (optional) I use lavender because it is tolerated by all, and I happen to love it!
Mix all ingredients together and shake it up. Get yourself a 360 squirt bottle (great for high places and toilet bowls) and spray!
I use this on counter tops, my pergo floor, all appliances, even windows and mirrors.
As I said I've been testing it out for a few months, and like it more and more with each use. So if you have been wanting to eliminate some of the toxic chemicals that you use in your homes, try this, it's great!
Music for this post: "Irish Washerwoman"

March 9, 2010

~A Foggy Day-A Study in Black and White~

The fog comes in
On little cat feet.

It sits looking
Over harbor and city
On silent haunches
And then moves on.

Fog by Carl Sandburg

Foggy days make my eyes feel like they are just not awake yet, and I should get right back in bed!
There is a unique beauty in fog, a blurring, a melding of black and white. A meeting place of frozen ground and warm air. A hint that spring is slowly creeping up, and the world will once again be filled with bright, invigorating splashes of color from one end of the spectrum to the other. And this is the moment of awakening as the earth opens her eyes after a long winters rest, but...she's just not ready to get out of bed yet! That's okay ol' girl...just take your time...but hurry up!!

March 8, 2010

~When Opportunity Knocks....Chase It!~

This is Tracy...Not So Innocent!
At last it has arrived! Bright and early at 7:30am my package from "Quilt for Kids" and Downy landed on my doorstep! Well sort of....the UPS man drove up and the 3 doggies from across the street came barreling into the driveway...(the UPS man usually has treats for them, new driver today-no treats) I was in my housecoat and PJ's waiting for the driver to pull away so I could snatch up my package from the porch. I wasn't fast enough for that little rascal Tracy the puppy. She so adorable, but really she is just in every body's business...all the time! We recycle here, glass, plastic and newspapers and every garbage day I see her running like crazy, so proud of herself with a plastic bag of recyclable trash in her mouth! Just prancing down the street to her home. Poor people....they probably end up with more trash!! Anyway back to the story, the quilt kit came in a plastic shipping bag...can you guess?? I am running down the driveway trying to reclaim my quilt kit from the my housecoat and pink fuzzy slippers! As it happens, the school bus full of kids goes by (wonderful), but the school bus causes Tracy to drop the bag in the driveway in order to chase the bus! I grab my quilt kit, lose my pink fuzzy slipper in a mud puddle. When I turn to get the slipper out of the mud, I see Tracy running full board at me. (she loves me) From 4 ft away she takes a flying leap and bounces off of my chest with 4 muddy paws which land on my beautiful WHITE housecoat! It's Monday....and I love dogs.....

I will write about the quilt tomorrow...when I am clean...and warm.


March 7, 2010

~Artist Pam Warden's Java Joy~A Surprise Visitor~And a Wee Bit of Green!~

This Darling Java Joy print from the Wonderful Christian Artist Pam Warden of Faith Folk Cafe
is painted using COFFEE!! Is that Fabulous or What?? I was so fortunate to win this print during One World One Heart!! I love it! It is going in my breakfast room where I enjoy my coffee each morning. Thank you Pam Warden!! Please stop by Faith Folk Cafe and visit this talented lady!
Herbert Hawk sitting right outside my livingroom window. Notice that he is an unabashed voyeur...Staring directly into my house, he stayed for 10 minutes, then flew off in the vicinity of my birdfeeder (Oh No!) I could not look. But after awhile he was back sitting on this perch staring into the window once again. Freeway is always happy to see him....We are so blessed to live on our little hilltop which we share with horses, doggies, cats, hawks and eagles. Also a few cows...and a very vocal mule who has an odd attraction to my husbands work truck!.
Note: This picture was taken through a screen on the window...please excuse poor quality.

A little green at last! Yes, the snow is finally melting a bit here and up comes the lilies in the rock garden. They are like long lost friends..especially this year! Welcome Welcome!

March 6, 2010

~Oh those eyes!

Look at those pretty eyes! This ol' gal is pretty happy for the warm up we are having this week! It's been in the high 30's and will be in the 40's for all of this coming week!! Whoo-Hoo!! For some of us perhaps (Alix in Florida:-) this doesn't seem REAL warm-but frankly me and my Arrow here are very very happy!! Mike & I put insulation up in the garage attic this morning, what a job! Dirt from head to toe. Glad that's done. My mom went out shopping for groceries with her friend today, she's getting better and better everyday. I am now on my way downstairs to hop on the treadmill. (arch enemy) Have a wonderful weekend Angels!

March 4, 2010

~Thankful Thursday~

Good Morning!~What a difference a day makes! First...I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and words left yesterday on my blog. I am so grateful for you, and so blessed that I can reach out to you in times of angst and sadness to know that you will be there in prayer. I will be there for you as well, you can count on me.
It is difficult to be living so far away from my mom, she in Dallas, TX. and I in Marshalltown, IA. When things come up, as they do in life, the helpless feeling that shrouds my life is overwhelming and at these times I feel that the only thing I can do is pray. I am never disappointed in the power of prayer, and the blessings that are received when two or more are gathered.
On Tuesday this week my mom's doctor was going to put her in the hospital, as she had pneumonia in both lungs. She will be 82 on April 12th and she hadn't been feeling well for two weeks. She had been under the Dr.'s care for a week with little improvement, terribly wheezy and congested. Before he made the final decision to hospitalize her, he took chest x-rays. Through the x-rays he could see a small improvement which was not apparent by listening to her. He wanted her to see a pulmonary specialist as soon as she could get an appt. She called yesterday and the nurse said, " We just now had a cancellation, the Dr. can see you today!" She went in at 2:00 yesterday(her sweet and dear friend Katie took her). The specialist listened to her lungs, took x-rays, and told mom that the pneumonia was gone!!! She said that my mom has bronchitis, but that the pneumonia was completely gone! So while she is not out of the woods was wonderful news. Thank you Jesus!! She will be on all new medicine now, as the medicine she was on made her tired and confused, and affected her memory. I spoke with her several times yesterday and she is like a new person! Actually, she's more like her old self, energetic, and upbeat, and so relieved as am I. When I heard this wonderful report, I just cried...I am still weepy. The power of prayer! I can't tell you the difference in my mom from one day to the next! It is truly a miracle, and I thank you, and am ever grateful for your prayers and support for my dear, sweet mom. She is on the road to recovery now, and it will be hard to keep her at rest...she's already talking about going back to the gym!! Oh boy.....
In deep gratitude and with a joyful heart I sign off today...I won't be going to the gym however, I think I'll take a nice long nap......
God Bless You My Blog Angels~

March 3, 2010

~My Heart is Steadfast~

"In prayerful moments, subtle peace comes
When I choose to drop my fearful baggage into Greater Arms."
Charlotte Adelsperger

Blessings Blog Angels~once again I am coming to you for prayer. My mom is very ill with pneumonia. I have been awake most of the night in prayer for the healing hands of Jesus to caress her lungs. She will see a specialist today.

For all of my 54 years, my mom has been my champion, my spiritual guide, my friend...she has been the music in my life. She is my heart. Please pray for her today, and remember her in your thoughts and prayers throughout the week. Thank you so very, very much. Sharon