November 17, 2011

Hello Hello-Anybody Out There?

This will be the bedroom/sitting room

Can you guess what this is??
Notice the chair in the shower. Oh yea!
Hallway between bed/bath. On the left we built a food pantry.
Hi Friends~
I've been gone awhile again...I thought when one gets older, life slows down a bit? Well, I'm wondering what 60 will be like! Heck, I'm going so fast now I can barely get these chubby little legs to keep up! Here's what's going on....
On August 6th my mom moved from Dallas to Marshalltown Iowa to live with my husband and I. Wait wait there's more....
Our home had 3 bedrooms upstairs and a great big empty square downstairs, the basement. A wall ran across the house downstairs to hold the darn thing up, but that was it. My husband and I have been building walls, sheetrocking, and mudding. We put a bathroom in, and of course a ginormous bedroom/sitting room. Gosh, I never knew how many details there are to putting something like this together. We are using a little less than half of the basement to make these rooms and are dealing with about a 1,000 square feet. So it has been quite an undertaking. We have been working on it since July. Okay, I get it that this was a long explanation of why I have not been blogging. But...I did take some pictures to show you what we have accomplished so far. Keep in mind that my hubby is only home two days a week, and works out of town the rest of the week. This weekend we will put the floor molding in the bedroom, and the closet doors as well as the fireplace.
And I had a wonderful, lush vegetable garden this year (inspite of these fast growing Iowa weeds) and didn't have to buy produce all summer long! Whoo hoo! It was my first real garden. (By real I mean one that actually produced :) And while working in my beautiful garden one day a starving little kitty came out of the cornfield. Of course I had to feed her. And she grew and gained weight, looking really healthy. One month later she had 4 kittens! Does anyone out there have kittens? They're alot of work! I mean, you have to play with them, hold them, kiss those baby noses! Whew I could hardly get anything done. I have since gotten the mother cat fixed, and the babies all have shots. (P.S. My hubby is REALLY happy about all of this.) I have made posters with their darling little photos on them (titled "Mug Shots") and I put them all over town. I have so far found a great home for 1 kitten..Only one! I feel like a mom who thinks her kids are absolutely the BEST..and can't understand why anybody wouldn't want to scoop up these little treasures for themselves! Oh well, the kitty saga goes on...Oh by the way, the mama cat, Lucy, is tired of them. I feed the babies on the back porch and Lucy on the front porch. They now have seperate living quarters as well. Alot of work I tell ya!
Anyway, I was talking to my Aunt Mo the other day, and we don't get to talk very often. So she uses my blog to keep up with me. Ha! Fell of the face of the earth since July....
So Hi Auntie! I'm back at least for now. We will have mom's rooms ready by Dec. 1st!! The carpet will be layed on the 28th of Nov. then I will be back to blogging full time!!
I've missed you too.
And all of you out there in blog land.
Thank you for hanging in there with me during this absence.
I love you all,
P.S. Isn't my husband a wonderful man to do all of this for my mom? Bless his heart he hasn't had a day off since July...