June 27, 2009


How do they know? Everyday this ol' gal will sit by the window from 5:00pm until my husband gets home. It's so funny...how does she know it's 5:00pm?? I don't always know it's 5 and I can tell time!! It's just uncanny how that doggy time clock works. If he doesn't get home by 8:30pm (he sometimes has to work late), she'll sadly drag herself into bed (my bed), and go to sleep. "Sorry Dad, you're on your own." Yesterday I was out watering my little plants and Freeway was hanging around doing what dogs do, and when I was through watering, I looked up and couldn't find her anywhere! I was worried, calling her, and clapping my hands, doing everything I usually do to get her to come running...nothing. Then....I smelled something cooking! Aha!! I walked over to my next door neighbors house, around the corner, behind their fence, and there's Freeway.....just sitting there, patiently....by their Smoker which was fired up and cooking the most wonderful smelling meat!! I think Freeway thought she'd finally found the Smorgasbord!!! That girl!! On the way back home she kept looking over her shoulder, with regret, no doubt...


  1. I love doggie and kitty time.....mine not only watch for the male child and dad to come home....but.... they let me know when it's treat and ice cream time!!


  2. LOL with her going to try to help herself to the neighbor's meal! what a character Freeway is!! I don't know how they know what time it is, but Koda is the same way. If we deviate the time we go to sleep, he's in the bedroom waiting for us when we should have been there. He knows when we are leaving prior to us leaving and gets in his crate. He too waits at the door for hubby to come home. They must have some internal clock we are not aware of


  3. my dog was always like that when we were coming back from vacations. i have no idea how they came tell what time/day it is.
    and it is currently winter here in nz. but summer (warmth) will be here soon!

  4. So glad you and Freeway both get to see more of the mister! They have some sort of time sense that we don't that's for sure. Snoopy used to do alot of the same type of things. Then he got so old, he just let us come to him. I'd say that he earned that right as he lived to at least 21. Give that Freeway a hug for me!

  5. ahh, bless her furry socks! one of my cats thinks he's a dog and is everyone's welcome committee too :)

  6. Our two Siamese cats were always behind the door waiting for us when we came home. It always amazed us. I think they may have heard the car tyres.