April 21, 2011

~Tears of Joy & Lavender Days~

Hello Friends~Bet you thought I fell off of the edge of the world!! It's been awhile for sure, and a crazy month. I've been in Dallas for just about a month with my mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of March, Bless her sweet heart. She had a Lumpectomy, and they took out some lymph nodes, and Thank you Lord!, no cancer in them!! We got the good news at the surgeon's office on her 83rd birthday! Oh my gosh, I just cried with tears of joy. She was a stage one. And they believe that they have gotten all of the cancer, and she will fly to Iowa to stay with me for her radiation therapy. It was so scary, but she remained very calm, trusting the Lord, and she was at peace through out the entire process of Dr.'s visits, (oh so many) and she was an outpatient for her surgery. I'm just amazed at how well she did! I only pray that I could handle it as well as she did. It will be so nice to have her here, and for me to be able to take her to her appts. A few days after I returned home, we had company for a few days, and it was a wonderful and relaxing visit. We went to Antique stores and visited the sites. It was Great!! On one of my visits, I found the most beautiful Cabin Crafts Chenille Bedspread! I was so blessed to get it a wonderful price. There's not a thing wrong with it!! I have listed it in my Ebay shop. I know that I am skimming through my life for the past month, but I am also in the midst of cleaning house and catching up with my gardens. We've almost got the mulch down, and are having to get out outside in between raindrops. I'm so happy to be back in blogland, and will be visiting all of you very soon. Thanks for stopping by~look for me to visit you soon. Hugs and Blessings~Sharon