September 27, 2010

EEEEK! Computer Problems!!

Hi All! Experiencing some computer problems...I am not ignoring you and have been trying to visit you all...but my computer is going kaput. I will be shopping for a new tower soon, so hang in there with me. Blessings~

September 22, 2010

~Country Burlap Wreath~

Hello Everyone! Well I just finished my front door FALL wreath! I found this tutorial on Roeshel's The DIY Show Off I love her blog!! She features great ideas with how-to's. I've had so much visiting her blog. This burlap wreath began as a fall wreath, however, I couldn't help myself to add some sewing items in addition to berries and dried Cinnamon Oranges. I chose a darker burlap and a green gingham bow. Some old buttons and thread (in fall colors), an ornate pair of old scissors. It was so fun! I have lead feet/fingers when decorating for fall. I just don't want the summer to end I guess. But since today is the first day of fall 2010, I thought I'd finish and hang my sort of Fall wreath. Thanks Roeshel for a wonderful tutorial!!
Happy Fall Ya'll

September 18, 2010

~Tippin',Tailin' & Quilting~

Saturday Morn! I love Saturdays, they are my most favorite day of the week, because for me they are Free days-Creative Days. It's cold and windy, rainy..yep, seems like fall! We planted pole beans this year, and I cannot believe how many beans we have gotten from 3 plants! Seems as though every 2 days the plants are full again. We've put up enough already to last a winter!! AND there's MORE!
Showing off a baby quilt for a sweet little friend of mine. Her colors are cranberry, sage, beige, and pink! Yes, thank goodness there was pink!! Happy Saturday all~

September 11, 2010

~September 11~Forever in Our Hearts~

It is so very hard to believe that it has been 9 years since that fateful day. There are a few profound moments in my life that I will never forget, that are ingrained in my heart and my thoughts forever...the moment I found out that our President was assassinated in Dallas, TX, the sight of the Challenger exploding in midair....and the cruel devastation of so many lost souls in New York on September 11, 2001. I was going to post a photo of 9-11, but chose instead to post the rainbow that is outside my window today. It is hopelessly dark and dreary, but...there is a rainbow, so there is hope. I wish to offer my thoughts and prayers today to those who lost their lives and to their families. We will Never Forget. Blessings~

September 10, 2010

~A Miracle & A Blessing~

A few days ago I asked for prayer for my mom who was going to have surgery on her carotid artery which was "very seriously" blocked according to the ultra sound which was read by her physician. She was sent to a surgeon who specializes only in carotic artery surgery, and the appt. was made for one week from the original diagnosis. She had much prayer during that week, and I had made arrangements to go there and care for her. On Wed. she went to the surgeon, and he did another ultra sound on both sides of her neck. He told her that her carotid arteries were good, very healthy! What???! She told him that her doctor had said that it was very seriously can that be? The surgeon explained that she had a small block in a vein leading to her face, but that there are several veins that lead to the face, and that they would take over for the blocked one, further that the blockage would break up on their own, and that it was common for someone of her age to experience this occurance. No surgery~go home..enjoy your life-You are fine! Wow! I cried when my mom called and told me the news, she was crying too! I believe in Miracles!! Thank you Lord!!
P.S. My dog is really happy too as I unpacked my clothes and cancelled the boarding appointment for her. My hubby is thrilled that I will be here to spend his vacation with him. And I am so thankful that my dear, sweet mom doesn't have to undergo more surgery, and that she is in good health. What a week! Thank you so very much for your prayers and I wish for you many many Blessings~
Thanks Dr. Todd Spencer (our favorite Baylor Boy!)

September 6, 2010

~Off to Dallas~Prayer is Needed....

Hi Friends~I'm off to Dallas, my mom has to have carotid artery surgery on both sides. This will be the second time on the left side, bless her heart. She has had such a time in the last 5 years and I must come to you to ask for prayer for this surgery. You are always so faithful when I am in need. My house is organized, I have food for my darling hubby, and I just have to make arrangements for Freeway at the doggy boarder, and pack. I will miss you all, although I will try to catch up on your blogs at my moms home. Lots of Love, Sharon

September 3, 2010

Fridays Favorite Picks~

Fridays are my favorite days of the week..a day of anticipation, the ending to the work week and the beginning of a weekend! Yeah! I wanted to share another favorite of mine, the beautiful, classy, timeless Norma Shearer. I love her style! And...I would like to have her clothes...thank you very much! A Classic Era for style and movies. Enjoy this holiday weekend...we're having wonderful weather here-low 70's! Perfect!

September 2, 2010

~A Vintage Millinery Find!~

Good Morning Friends~Well yesterday I came across the MOST fabulous find! 1000's of Vintage Millinery Leaves! Look at the color of the leaves! I love Vintage items so much, and it is getting so difficult to find nice was like Christmas! BEAUTIFUL!! I was so excited! I wanted to make some sachets with my lavender, using homemade flowers and leaves. PERFECT!! I wish you all a wonderful day~I'll be playing with my leaves! Blessings~