July 29, 2009

~Shades of Red~

Vivacious, Energetic, Hot, Poetic
Romantic, Vivid, Sexy, Sunburn
Fire, Love, Emotion, Strawberries!
I just Love Red! I love to wear red, I love to eat all red things, raspberries, watermelon, radishes, tomatoes...yummy! I love to see red (not in anger of course but the color). Yes, I think red is a beautiful thing.
Tell me...How would you describe the color RED?

July 28, 2009

~Just Take a Pill!~

Happy Tuesday Friends~I'm on a rant, so please indulge me...I am outraged that drug companies' can push their drugs on national television, buying expensive ad time while getting grants from the government, (aka you and I) to develope these drugs. What in BLAZES is going on??? It makes me furious that these ads tell you to, "Ask your doctor if this drug is right for you." WHAT??? Isn't that a little backwards...or upside down? Now we should ask our Dr.'s if we should use this DRUG?? This is so wrong. And..I am just sick to death of TV ads for Viagra, et al. It's such a GREAT image...fat, bald, impotent Americans with tall glasses of water and a variety of multicolored pills to erase everything they don't like about themselves! I am just sick of the entire ad campaign, it is sooooo wrong. Geez, whatever happened to the Keebler elves? Now we see an older couple riding bikes on the beach, implying that they are having a wonderful and active relationship because he's taking Viagra?? Okay....hold me back!!! And please don't even get me started on feminine hygiene... Yikes! Enough for a bright sunny Tuesday...and..I think it's time for me to turn off the TV!!! (smile)

July 26, 2009

~And God Said, "Let There Be Lights......."

Good Sunday Morning Friends~
As I was gazing at the moon last night, I thought how blessed we are that our Lord thought of everything! The sun to warm the earth, the moon for light at night. I went to my Bible to, Genesis 1:14 to read word for word of the wonderous creation of light. Lately I have been worrying so much, and this scripture spoke to me. I wasn't looking for an answer for my worrying, but simply wondering what the Lord had in mind when He created the moon & sun. This passage was an answer for me to a question I had not ask.
"And God said, "Let there be light in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth." And it was so. God made two great lights-the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. God set them in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth, to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening, and there was morning-the fourth day."
God knew our needs before we were even created. Aren't we blessed to have a Father who loves us so completely that our needs are met before we even know what they are? I am reminded that I need not worry when the Lord is in control.
Blessings for a peaceful, restful, thankful Sunday Morning~

July 24, 2009

~A Walk About~

Resting in the Sun
Log Bench with handpainted gift from 3rd Grade students

Lovely Stella!

Berries Galore!

What a Beautiful Day! Taking a little walk about the yard, filling up bird feeders, while the birds flutter from branch to bush waiting for their treat, back and forth... Pulling up weeds and sweeping the walks is pure Joy! Grateful to be able to move about unencumbered by sickness or feebleness. Smelling the cut grass, and watching the bees land on the clover. Oh and look! A red headed woodpecker in the old oak tree busy at work...tap tap tap! The mule across the street lets out a loud, "Hee Haw," and I remember to call out my daily greeting. Cows swishing their tails to keep the flies off back and forth-back and forth, and the rustle of a soft breeze blowing in the trees ever so faintly moving back and forth...Here I sit, a vigilant spectator... with my faithful companion, enjoying the soft, sweet rhythm of nature .

July 23, 2009

~The Power of Prayer~

Hello Friends~For this post...another cloud with a silver lining.
It's been quite a long week so far...filled with prayer and meditation. Both of my husband's parents and my mom were in the hospital this week at the same time. My mom (in Dallas) with dizziness, low blood pressure and nausea. Mike's mom (in Idaho) is in a rehab as she has Multiple Sclerosis, and his dad (in Missoula, Montana) was having serious back surgery. Today my mom's diagnosis was over medication, her Dr.'s had given her 3 medications that she took once a day...it turns out, that all three medications were for the same thing!! Each were lowering her heart rate and blood pressure. It's a miracle that she was even walking around for so long. What strength! I would like to know how a mix up like this happens. My personality is one that would like to go into her Dr.'s office and give her a piece of my mind...perhaps it is a good thing I am in Iowa...? Her dear friends picked her up from the hospital, and drove her to have her favorite lunch..Mexican food!!! She is 81 years old.
Mike's dad was in for a 7 hour surgery today for his back. Thank the Lord he did well and is out of surgery now and in recovery. He will spend 5 more days in the hospital. He is 76.
Mike's mom is 77 and doing well with excellent care. She is eating, and gaining a little strength.
Thank you Heavenly Father for your blessings on our family!!

July 21, 2009

~Socked in Once Again!~

Good Morning Friends! Well, just look at this hazy, rainy day! The weather report was, "It may get to 70 degrees later on today." What?!! This is strange weather we're having. I don't ever remember being this cold in July! Ever!! I had to get out my fall clothing early...I'm cold! Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think it would get this cool in July. My neighbors sugar maple is turning already! Hopefully fall won't come this early for Pete's Sake...it would be a long winter. The positive side to the dreariness is..we needed the rain. Gotta go get some long pants on!! (Hopefully I can find them :-) Bless you today and always~

July 17, 2009

~A Storm on the Horizon~

Good Morning! As I was walking around my garden this morning I looked out over the cornfields down in the valley. The wind was blowing, the and cornfields were swaying in rythmn like a beautiful Hawaiian hula dance! Back and forth...Back and forth..It was a sight to behold!
Then I noticed the clouds (of course), dark and menacing, swirling and moving along in the sky above. I thought: How blessed I am to see this today the sky and the land in perfect harmony!
I wish you a day filled with perfect harmony!
P.S. Can you spot a face in the dark cloud?

July 16, 2009

~Good Morning Sunshine~

Watching the sun come up from the back porch on a cool morning with a steaming cup of French Vanilla coffee is just like heaven! This morning the sun was a bright red firey ball, and the air was damp and cool. I sat out there watching the bunnies have breakfast (keeping one eye on Freeway...) Which brings me to a very funny story about the night before last:
My hubs and I sit out on the porch in the evening after dinner, reading the paper and letting the doggy out for the last time before bed. Well...all of a sudden Freeway runs off of the porch, ears back, low to the ground, full throttle after a bunny! She was going so fast I could barely get the words out,"Stop!" The smart bunny runs into the corn field...the focused dog runs into a corn stalk!! CRACK!! Out comes Freeway shaking her head, with the funniest, "What the heck hit me?" look on her face! Poor Freeway....she walked slowly to the deck, slowly up the stairs...and layed down. My husband and I were cracking up, as there is a big hole where the cornstalks USED to be...it's like a tunnel, a mini crop circle!
The next evening as we sat reading the paper, the bunny was back....Freeway just sat on the deck eyeballing it...but didn't move an inch!

July 15, 2009

~Welcome to My Home~

Guest Room

Backyard Deck

Front of house


Livingroom and Doggy

Just a few photos of our home full of windows! Our other home was dark with long hallways, windowless entry, and it faced in an awkward position as to let in very little light. When looking for a home this time, I wanted light! Windows everywhere, and with a view. My husband wanted a little more outside space and a more open feeling. We both wanted a smaller home (less to clean) (less space to clutter up). As you can see we are blessed to have our wishes. We have so many windows I can see 360 degrees!! We have sunlight all day coming in!! Now, as for moving into a smaller home, 2 words..Yard Sale!

July 14, 2009

Come Join Blushing Rose Boutique For a FANTASTIC Giveaway!!

Just a quick post to let you know that Marydon at Blushing Rose Boutique

is having a FANTASTIC Giveaway. Oh so many wonderful items are included. Please pop on over and leave a comment. I did!

July 13, 2009

~Sew Pink!~So Isabella!

My little Italian grandmother used to have beautiful bed dolls, and she would make all of the outfits for them. The dolls had long, flowing satin gowns that draped over the pillows, loaded with lace and trim. I just loved them! Their dresses would cover half of her bed. Do you remember those dolls? They had real hair, and she would remake their tattered bodies when they fell apart, and give them an elegant new dress complete with necklaces and earrings, and lovely hats too. She was so talented and crafty, she really enjoyed sewing. She was very small lady only 4'11" but very feisty and full of fun...she lived to be 102 years old! Bless her heart, she lived in her own little house until she was 99. What a wonderful character she was!
Yesterday, I decided to give my own baby doll a makeover! My mom gave me this doll some years ago, and I have used her as a model for my baby quilts. I made this dress out of one of my favorite fabrics-Isabella (Laura Ashley) and a petite apron with a big bow tie and pink crochet lace. I'm very sure that when she awakens....she will love it too! (smile) It was a fun day~I have missed the excitement and satisfaction of creating something beautiful. Happy Monday!!


July 12, 2009

~This is the Day the Lord has Made~

Isn't is funny how you can, out of the blue, recall things from childhood that you haven't thought of in forever? This morning as I was out in the yard searching for the perfect snapshot for my Sunday morning blog, those words came into my mind. When I was young I remember my mom used to use that phrase all the time. She would wake me up with those words, and continue to say them throughout the day. And at 81 she is still saying them. I wonder if, when she wakes up in the morning, those are the first words that come into her mind? Blessings~

July 11, 2009

~Hanging on for Dear Life~

Good Morning Dear Friends, I just had to post this photo of my Freeway! As you may know, one of my most favorite plants are the Hoya. My dear husband's stepmother Georgia sent this plant to me about 10 years ago as a clipping through the mail. I have watched it grow and grow, but up until we moved into this new home, and rested it in it's new place, it had never flowered. Now, it has flowers all over it! I have posted pictures of the flowers before on this blog. The other night, I asked my 6'1" hubby to stand by it, so that I could take a picture with perspective on the size of the plant....well, he had just gotten home from work and wanted to take a shower before pictures....(you know the story). Since I am rather an impatient personality...I enlisted my pal Freeway to help! She's camera-shy, also a bit impatient. So I had to place her by the plant and said,"Stay!" Well, just look at the poor dear creature! She has enough trouble just walking on these floors, asking her to stay in this awkward position was just a little too much for her!! I was so focused on the plant...I didn't even realize how unhappy she looked! When I uploaded the picture onto my computer screen and saw the look on her face...her splayed back legs! It's a wonder she could even sit up at all!!! I had to run into the kitchen and give her a treat for putting up with all of my shinanigans! My husband said, "Oh yea...she looks happy alright, just like when I used to give her lawn tractor rides." It's true...my husband used to put her on the lawn tractor and ride her around the block! He was convinced that she liked it! One day, I snapped a photograph of her taking a ride. When my hubby saw it he realized that she didn't care for the ride at all. Her ears were down, her eyes had a look of sheer terror, her toes were spread out just trying to hang on. He never took her on a ride again. But....she does like to follow the tractor around the yard while he is mowing. Poor Darling!

July 8, 2009

~Vintage Romance in Pink~

Good Morning Friends~I must say that it was such a lovely day today! Getting back to sewing and creating was so welcoming & comfortable~like putting on your favorite pair of old slippers! (smiles) I'm so happy with the way this pretty little apron turned out, romantic, lacey, colorful and fun. I made it longer to compliment a hostess dress or long skirt. Using vintage crochet pieces to accent the pockets and I also added vintage green apple bakelite buttons! Vintage lace around the edges...sooooo Jane Austen!! After all of these months of packing and moving and unpacking...I forgot how peaceful it is to be able to sit at my sewing machine and just go to town! Good for the Soul!

~Getting Back To Work~~

Good Morning Friends~Today, I have decided to get my head out of the clouds and start sewing again! It will be hard to do as I just cannot stop looking at the beautiful sky up here on our little hill. It's so exciting! Always changing, forever in motion, and never the same at a glance. I have an apron cut out-ready to sew-and thats my plan today! I have some beautiful Pink Rose fabric that I am using for the apron~~Yummy! I will post a picture of it when I am done....hopefully tomorrow morning~~but don't take that to the bank just yet...my sewing room has a large picture window!! (smiles) Blessings~

July 6, 2009

Please Pray for Amy

Hello Again Friends, It is most unusual for me to post twice in one day, however I was reading sweet Marydon's blog (Feedsack Fantasy) this morning and I was so touched by it, I was led to post it on my blog. A call to prayer for a sister who is in need. I have posted the information below...please pray for Amy. It is also her birthday and well wishes are appreciated.

Feedsack Fantasy

Feedsack Fantasy: "Amy is very sick ~ Please read this note from Sherry .............
Country Wings in Phoenix requests that we pop over to Barbara @ http://purplegoatlady.blogspot.com/, as she is hosting a surprise BLOG birthday party for Amy. Tomorrow is her birthday and as she has to spend the day in OKC seeing a specialist about the surgery that she needs to stop her cancer, we wanted to do something special for her. Please also tell all of your BLOGGER friends to send wishes as well. She is so down and she really needs to know we are all praying for her, and that we are wishing her a Happy Birthday"

~Sunset on the Prairie~

Happy Monday! I hope that you had a wonderful Independence Day--we did. We sat on our back porch and watched the fireworks in two different small town east of us. They were in the distance, but beautiful nonetheless. Peaceful, relaxing beauty. We couldn't hear the pops, and the doggy slept through the entire show! This is the first 4th of July that she wasn't scared to death! I took this photo just as the sun was going to sleep in our part of the country. I am in awe of the rainbow of color that comes when the day is done. Magnificent!

July 1, 2009

~Sweet English Lavender~

Good Morning! I planted some English Lavender yesterday in my garden yesterday. I just love lavender, and the plants at my other home were just getting big and spreading out. I don't know why I didn't take cuttings from the other plants....I took alot of cuttings, but no lavender! I love the lacey, twisting look of this most fragrant flower.
Also, we live across the road from a horse farm..and I have begun to notice flies in the yard on the warm days. I'm not fond of insecticides and am always trying natural ways of deterring the pests. I read on the internet that having sweet basil planted by the doorways will keep the flies away, well....let me tell you, I was on it! I have little pots of sweet basil at each threshold coming into the house, and it works!! What a blessing! It seemed that everytime I opened the door a fly would zoom in! Now, however, I haven't seen one in days!! Thank you Lord for sweet basil! I have several old metal chairs from the 50's that sit on the porch. It was time to paint again, and I thought I would wait until we were settled in at our new home before deciding on a color! Poor old things...probably the only thing holding them upright is the layers of paint! So that is my goal today... scrape and paint the chairs. It is cool today and there is a whisper of wind..Perfect! I'm off....Blessings Friends~