June 21, 2009

A Rainbow...And A Hoya Flower!~

What a Blessing this day has been! Relaxing but still getting some things done in a non hurried way. I looked out the breakfast room window and behold!! A Beautiful rainbow that looked as though it ended in my new garden which was planted yesterday!! My hubby said that tomorrow we will look for the pot of gold!! (smiles) Also, big news (for me) my 10 year old Hoya has blooms! When we moved here, I placed the plant in the breakfast room which has big windows on one entire side of the room. And...obviously, this plant loves it there!! I can't even count the number of blooms on this Hoya. This is the first time in 10 years that it has bloomed!! The flowers that you see are not fully opened, but still lovely. Aren't they waxy looking? I will take more photos when they open. Also my orchids are still in bloom...remember those from December? They are still in bloom! More pics of those as well are on their way. Blessings friends~


  1. really, the orchids are still in bloom? wow, that is amazing!! I don't know much about hoya flowers, but they look pretty! I always love to see a rainbow in the sky, the Lord's promise

    sounds like you guys had a great day!


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  3. Oh My, I messed up, I deleted my comment. Oh well, just wanted to tell you hi and let you know your blog and photos are awesome.

    Miss you like crazy, girl!

    P.S. Have you been to the Amana Colonies yet? Maybe we could meet there sometime.