July 29, 2010

~A Fabulous Read~

Good Morning Friends~I had to share with you a delightful book that I have just begun...and can't put down..."My Life in France," Written by Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme(her nephew). I love to cook, and try at least one new recipe a couple of times a month as I get tired of the same old stuff all of the time. I am so fortunate that my big guy will eat anything on a plate, literally. I remembered Julia Child from her television show when was young-er(I keep reminding myself that I am not getting old, just maturing nicely). Anyway, as I watched Julia cook, I remember being more drawn to her character than I was to her recipes and cooking. Her voice, her stature, and her intense absorption in the act of cooking, I think it was her passion that drew me to watch her demonstrations. (I never made one of her recipes!) In this book her character shines, her devotion to family and friends as well as her love of all things French, especially French cuisine. It isn't all about food though, really, it is about the woman that I found so facinating so many years ago. I think this book would appeal to anyone as it is a remarkable journey of finding passion...and living it! Bon Appetit!

July 25, 2010

Lavender Winds

Hello Friends! Wow, it's been such a long time since I've posted!! I actually had to read my last post to figure out where I left off. Well, I am up to my ears in lavender! Actually all but two are first year babies, but two of last years plants gave me enough lavender for this large beautiful wreath! Also, enough left over for my dear friend Vicki who visited, to take some home!! I've been so busy planting and caring for my little lavender farm, I've totally neglected my blog. In addition to planting lavender, my hubby and I have researched and made the decision to purchase and put up a wind turbine. We have a nice breeze most days, and strong wind the rest of the days so this is a perfect place for a turbine.
Our little farm will be called "Lavender Winds"
I am having a ball, working in the yard, but my sewing and indoor production has been sadly lacking. Hopefully I will have some wonderful projects to share with you soon. I have been reading your blogs and keeping caught up with you although I haven't commented much.
Will post some new pictures soon. Hugs and Blessings!