March 12, 2011

~A Gooey Mess~

Hi All! I really don't know what has gotten into me lately....for 10 years I have used PINK for everything I truly, I did. I found it difficult if not impossible to create without using PINK! People have actually written to me, asking that I make baby boy quilts! FREAK!!! Sorry no, unless you think he might like pink??? Even my mom, who is my biggest supporter by the way, would ask me, "So what kind of pink fabric did you buy today?" I came to believe that maybe, just maybe I was in a color-time-warp! But lately I have been exploring with many different colors of fabric...well, mostly camel, tan, beige, white, blaaah blaaah blaaah. (smiling) But I've come to love those colors as well, particularly white. Now for something country...Well, sort of country, I guess...actually I'm not sure WHAT country is, (and yet I live in the country), anyway, here's a country-folk quilt..Now...back to pink & white!!! Oh how I've missed you! So here's the I losing it? Or do you get obsessed with colors and find that if looking at a color doesn't make you melt into a big gooey mess of hugs and kisses, it's just not a good color??? (Oh my...)
Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend~Don't forget to spring forward!! Hugs and Blessings~

March 7, 2011

~Robins & Tidepools~

Good morning all! I looked out the window this morning and in between the snowflakes I saw that the Robins have returned! Oh my goodness and there were so many of these beautiful little birds~I would not be exaggerating if I said 100 robins on the lawn trying hard to find a frozen morsel in the grass. It is a day to rejoice! Even though it is still cold, still snowing, and not at all spring-like, the Robins give me a feeling of hopefulness and excitement that Spring is just around the corner. I wanted so much to share this beautiful sight with you but....the day was too dark and gloomy for a good photo. So....I decided instead to show you the new shawl! It is finished and I think it looks so pretty! I call it "Tidepools." It makes me think of the Caribbean blue waters. I could use a vacation to the islands right about now! I'm off to search for more Robins!! Happy Monday!! Oh yes, next weekend is Daylight Savings Time!!!! Spring Forward All!! Hugs & Blessings

March 2, 2011

Knitting Ocean Waves!

Hello Everyone!! Well I have begun a new shawl-this is the most beautiful shades of blue, purple and green. It reminds me of Ocean Waves. I found this wonderful Knit Shop in Ames, IA., called Rose Tree Fiber Shop . Oh my goodness you would not believe the Fab Fiber in Stock! Some of the Extraordinary Yarn in this store comes from locals in this area. I can't tell you how beautiful these yarns are!! The proprietor is the Most Adorable Lady, Rosemary Heideman, and what a story she has to tell about how she came to be in the Fiber business! She really is such a Darling Lady. Follow my link to her store and read about Rosemary in the about me section on the web page. What a Hoot! She was in our local paper not long ago which lead me to her store. You really must meet this Queen of Roses! Anyway, back to the story....Rosemary had this yarn spun, dyed by a local woman and it is Beautiful! It's chunky, then thinner, then thin, oh my! A Rainbow it even has PINK TINSEL spun into it! Wow!'s my new shawl with some of that yarn. I will post the finish product soon...Knit one...purl two...knit one..............Hugs!