February 26, 2010

~Heat Wave~

Blue Skies and Icy Trees
Do you see that little red bump on the bottom right of the picture? That is a fire hydrant (my hubby's yard art!) But look how tall the snow is!

Whoo-Hoo! It's a heat wave folks!! Today will be 30 degrees!! I've got my sunscreen set out next to my lawn chair, sunglasses, scarf and earmuffs, down jacket and a cup of hot tea and I'm ready to roll!
Having grown up in San Diego, CA. and spending most of my adult life in Las Vegas, NV.....this ice chamber in the Midwest poses some high hurdles for a warm weather girl. Thankfully I have come to love the seasons in the Plain States, the Wonderful Midwest Hospitality, the kind and caring folks that remind me of the respect we learned to have for each other when I was a child. We weren't in too much of a hurry to lend a helping hand, to wave hello, to enjoy time spent together. We shared what we had if somebody needed it, and we did it gladly. We weren't bigger or better than anyone else...we were just in it all together. The folks here are quieter somehow, they don't give an opinion unless they are asked. I don't find people so angry here. It's peaceful. Living in the Midwest has brought all of those wonderful values back into my life, and has given me a sense of belonging and an excitement for ordinary things. So, while it may be only 30 degrees outside, I think I'll just be happy that the warm up is coming, look forward to my flower garden pushing up through the snow, and the green grass underneath the ice. Soon enough it will be Spring, but there is also amazing joy in the anticipation.

February 22, 2010

~Just Soakin' Up the Rays....

A sunny day puts a whole new perspective on things doesn't it? A beautiful bright sun filtering through the living room windows finds me sitting on the floor, face to the sun cutting tiny pieces of fabric for a new tablerunner pattern. It was so warm, that I slipped on a summer top!! I am dreaming of spring today! The old girl needs a perch however, but she's still enjoying the view! You're probably getting sick of the constant weather updates on this blog....but truly, I've never lived anywhere that had so much snow! 62.5" now.....and more expected! Oh well, my pal and I-we'll just enjoy the warmth of the sun...on this day..at this moment.


February 16, 2010

~Moguls in My Yard~

Attention Vancouver!! Free Moguls in Iowa!! AND....all the ice you can dream of right here in my front yard! We deliver!
Cabin fever was upon me yesterday, I had snow on the walk...I didn't care...snow on the porch...not my problem...snow on the driveway...so what! I'm tired of shoveling...
Today is a much different story. As I was getting into the shower I noticed that my batwings are diminishing. What??? My biceps actually had a "pea sized bulge." Whoo-Hoo! Shoveling tons of snow has it's own rewards! There's always a bright side isn't there? Sometimes we just have to look REAL DEEP to find it.
I don't know if you can tell from the photo or not, but we have 8-10 mini mountains of snow in the yard! AND more on the way Friday...I really need to purchase some cross-country skis to get the trash can and mail out. I tromped out to fill up the bird feeders yesterday and the snow was up to my thighs..those lucky birds...
Today promises sunshine...and a day with sunshine is always a good day.

February 15, 2010

Announcing the Winner of the One World One Heart Giveaway!!!!

Picked by random generation #2!!! Tammy of 22!!! Congratulations Tammy!! Thank you everyone for participating in this great event. I had the very best time visiting all of the beautiful blogs and meeting new friends. I can't wait until next year!!

I will be having another giveaway very soon in honor of my 200th post....it has already past, but I didn't want to have two going at one time....Frankly, multitasking isn't my strong suit!! (smiling) So stay tuned for the next offering!

Again congratulations Tammy!


February 13, 2010

~Happy Valentine's Day~A Promise of Spring~

Pure White Lilies from my Sweetie
Did he know that I have been dreaming in white?


Happy Valentine's Day! I wish you a day filled with happiness and love. A day of sunshine and laughter. A day of joy...spent with your special love.


February 11, 2010

~From the Inside Looking Out~

Yikes! It's -6 right now, and Blessed be I don't have to go out! In fact...I stood in the living room looking out to the front yard to take these pictures!! (smiling) Waaaay to cold for me...and my dog. This morning poor little Freeway was in and out so fast, I barely had time to shut the door! In some places at the driveway, the snow is over 4 feet! Welcome to Iowa!! My hubby is called out a lot with different emergencies, and he hasn't had time to scrape off the driveway with his skid steer. Our wonderful neighbor across the street, Jason, has come over every snow day for the past week and cleaned it off!! God Bless him!! My hubby does their drive when he's home. What a great neighborhood. I looked out the other day, and my next door neighbor was blowing the end strip of our driveway where the snowplow left a deposit! Wonderful people here in Iowa, we are so blessed. I will take more pictures today...later...when it's above 0! Hang in there friends in the East...we'll make it through this winter!!
I almost forgot! Yesterday, Freeway was just barking to beat the band..I looked out to see what was going on-there was a magnificent Bald Eagle just flying around the yard, then landing in the trees out front, then flying some more. It was a sight to behold! I ran around trying to locate my camera, as it is never where I think it should be...and by the time I returned to the window, the eagle was in flight over the trees. Darn! It is spectacular to see them up close, it always surprises me how large they are!! Honest to Pete...it would have darkened the sun....if we had any sun..that is... Blessings~

February 1, 2010

~Cutie Pie Quilt for Haiti Finished!~

Some of you might know that I have been working on a quilt for a young girl in Haiti. In spite of the fact that Haiti has a tropical climate, quilts are not just for warmth-they are also for comfort, and these little ones need comfort for sure. Huggable comfort...Since I cannot be there to give them a squeeze and offer encouragement, I'm sending this quilt along instead. So far, "Quilts for Haiti" has collected almost 50 quilts to send to the children of Haiti. Here's the one I'm sending. Bright, bold, happy colors in pink (of course).