October 27, 2008

Rise and Shine fellow Pinkies! Here are a few of my Shabby Rag Quilts! The top left Quilt will be featured in the January Issue of Somerset Life Magazine! I'm so excited! It will be part of an ad for Lollishops! As it is the Valentine's Day issue, I have Pink Tulle Hearts and of course, Adorable Pink Lollipops! Petite Bows grace many of the squares as well. Cute? Oh yea, we Love that Pink! The other two quilts were recently listed and sold on my Ebay shop. Santa's Elves have nothing on me as I prepare to celebrate the Grand Opening of "The Lollishop Guild" Busy Busy Busy~Blessings for a Wonderful Day!

October 24, 2008

Pretty Pillow

Blessings Friends! As I happily make my way into the 21st Century I welcome you to my first blog!I am so Excited and Anticipating the GRAND OPENING of "The Lollishop Guild." What a Wonderful Place to Visit! I'm Proud to be a member of this Fabulous group of women & men who have joined together to create an Exclusively "Frou-Frou Shopping Extravaganza." You won't want to miss the Extraordinary Talent of these veteran Artisans. For many years I have attempted to buy American Made products for home & gifts. As you can imagine this is a monumental task. However, at Lollishops you will find a Magnificent array of American made pretties from Jewelry, Dolls, Quilts, & Art to Artist Supplies and a Beautiful Vintage Selection. My specialty is Quilts and Pillows. Lollishops will be opening on November 28 and I hope to see you all there! It will be so Exciting! You will find links on my blog to my personal store, as well as a link to the Entire Lollishops Guild. Truly Friends, don't miss this! Blessings~

October 15, 2008

My Beautiful Peony

I adore gardening, and have been quite successful here in Illinois where everything grows on its own...I planted several peony plants about 3 years ago, and never ONCE did one of my beloved plants give me a flower! Until this year! Hooray! I had so many peonies in my garden, so many different colors, it was truly amazing! Every single plant had dozens of flowers. I was in heaven! So, I wanted to share one of these unique little beauties with you! Isn't she Magnificent?