May 17, 2009

~Sunday Morning in Full Bloom!~

Hello Friends~I'm finally back to my computer~I missed reading all of your blogs for the week that I have been in Iowa. I had a wonderful, restful week of playing in my new home, and getting to know the surrounding area. I took several cuttings from my yard, and planted them in the new yard. It's so comforting to me to have some of my familiar plants, the ones that I love to look at the most....So, there I was driving my pick up along Hwy. 30 with a John Deere rider in the bed of the truck, a weed eater, several buckets of rocks (I am a rock hound) Plants, Luggage, a 9 foot long, full Hoya plant in the front passenger seat, and my trusty traveling companion, who by the way, is getting REALLY tired of these back and forth trips! Poor Freeway, honest to Pete! After I packed up the truck, I took Freeway on a 10 minute walk so that she could do her business, it was 40 degrees outside and windy as can be! Just then, my neighbors Palomino comes racing by~riderless, reins flying in the wind~at top speed! Where is my sweet little neighbor girl??? Freeway takes off after the horse, I'm running after Freeway. After corraling my dog, here comes the girl with her 4 dogs and headphones on, walking down the street! I said, "Did the horse get away from you? Are you alright?" "Oh yes," she replies, "that's an old horse, and all of her friends are in the pasture...she's just in a hurry to see them." Apparently so! Anyway, back to the story...We are ready to go! We made it back in 3.5 hours with 2 stops so Freeway could potty, unloaded the mower with the help of our neighbor Tim. I mowed, blew off the driveway and patios, raked and picked up tree limbs from the storm the day before. Yes, my dog & I were fairly exhausted last night!
Today, I have so many things to do, I haven't a clue where to begin. The movers will be here in the morning to start packing up. My husband will get in late tonight after working all day today. This house still hasn't sold, but we have been praying that it will, and we believe in prayer. I am so grateful that the Lord has given me a sense of comfort and peace concerning this last part of the move. I awoke this morning feeling well rested and ready for the day! No dread on me! I will just do what I can do.
Meanwhile, in catching up with all of my favorite blogs, I found that Tammy's Blog For a Stitch in Thyme is having the most beautiful giveaway! A stunning Victorian Lace pillow! This pillow is truly a work of art, finely made, by an incredibly talented fabric artist. I couldn't help myself but enter the giveaway!
I don't know when my computer will be packed up, or when I will have my connection at the other home, long for now, I'll be back! Blessings~


  1. How exciting to be on the last leg of your move. I don't like the in between not one bit. I much rather follow the mess all at once and begin putting up right away. I always have the animals, coffee pot and few neccessities in the car with me. I love the first morning in a new place. But by noon, it quickly wears off and into the day we go.

    Best of luck and send us pics of your new place as soon as you can!!

  2. Hope your moving goes smoothly.. .I was glad you said you little neighbor girl was alright after her horse ran off... that would freak a person out.
    thank you for visiting my sight. I am also catching up on my blogs.
    Remember to take time to enjoy the sunshine too.


  3. The only reason I like to move is I get to start decorating all over again. I remember driving 25 miles up the road with all my Waterford china in a box, no packing around it & they kept 'tinkling' against one another ... about drove my friend crazy. I am a no packing material mover ...

    Best of luck on the selling & enjoy keeping us posted on the moving. Al goods things happen in time.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. (((Sharon))) just think shortly you will be settled in your new home!! I too believe in prayer; the Lord will sell your house in his perfect timing; what an adventure with Freeway and the horse!

    catch you on the other side of your move :)


  5. Moving is always such a whirlwind of chaos and emotions. Soon everything will be settled and you will be cozy in your new home.

  6. I'm glad to see your back, and with such a beautiful image! I can't wait to see more of your work.

  7. Sharon, I hope you are getting settled in your new home by now. I went private with my journal but I can't remember your email address (LOL the memory is the first to go). Can you email me at when you have a minute and I'll send you an invite to read it :)

    take care!!!