March 28, 2009

"Spring Comes in like a Lion....."

Magnificent Perfection~~~
A Side View of the Eight Blossoms!!!

Do you remember at Christmas I posted pictures of my orchid? Well, here is the sister orchid to the other one. This one has EIGHT Beautiful Blossoms on it! Lovely! What a wonder are they! I had so hoped to post some pictures of my budding garden today, but BRRRRRR! It's too cold. We are to expect up to 8 inches of snow today and tonight! Eight inches the last week in March!! So I'm very content to bring you my latest orchid photos. (smiles) Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with warmth, and lots of love!! Blessings~

March 23, 2009

~We Found the Perfect Home!~

Not Too Big~Not Too Small~

Wrap Around Porch in Rear!

On Top of a Hill Overlooking the Farmlands of Iowa. It's a Spectacular Panoramic View!

Wood Floors

Entry Way

View from Backyard

Very Country 2 Acres!

Hello Friends! I'm so happy to be back!! All of my needless worrying..gone. The Lord prepared the way for us to find the perfect home. I looked at so many homes, and this one welcomed me with a peaceful, serene feeling the minute I crossed the threshold into the home. It sits on top of a hill about 10 minutes outside of the town. I have two acres, and three neighbors. One of the neighbors (across the street) has a large horse ranch that takes up most of the acreage. There are two homes on either side (a nice distance away) and the view from the back porch is Stunning! The inside is so beautiful with windows everywhere that lights up the home with a lovely glow! A bright light home. The kitchen and breakfast room is an entire wall of windows facing the view. It's lovely! You are viewing the home now, in winter; but in the spring and summer the trees are green and the grass is lush. The sky is forever out here! It reminds me of Montana. We are so happy and pleased with our new home, I can hardly wait to move!! The floor plan is open and airy with vaulted ceilings~and I even have a perfect sewing room with shelves built in the closet for fabric. (the lady that owned the home was a quilter) Thank you Lord! The Lord is Great! How could I have doubted?
This leaves me with my home to sell, and I will not doubt that this will happen. I will pray for faith, and forgiveness for not believing that my life is in the hands of the Lord, that the Father has a plan for my life as a child of the Living God, and that even the smallest details are looked after and fulfilled by my Creator.
I would like to thank you so much for your prayers, and continued prayers for this wonderful adventure that we are on.
I must mention also that the people of Marshalltown are so welcoming, and friendly. I was overwhelmed at the kindness of strangers during my stay there. What a Lovely Town!!

March 18, 2009

~Off on a Big Adventure!~

Poor Doggy!!!
Well, I'll leave early in the morning, taking Freeway to the Chuck Wagon Hotel! Chuck and his Darling wife have a doggy boarding hotel out in the country on a farm. Freeway seems to like it out there...she is kind of a rough and tumble dog ready to chase and play. Chuck always says,"That's a good dog." Hee hee. But really dropping her off is kind of sad, poor thing she gets really nervous. Anyway, then I'm off to Marshalltown to see my wonderful hubby! It's been 2 weeks now, and I miss him so much. He'll be working from 5:30 in the morning to 7:00 at night, but I'll see him when I can. I've brought everything with me for this 4 1/2 hour trip....just like my grandma used to do. My knitting, new magazines, a rug I am working on. My husband is staying in a hotel until we get moved, and so I'll go to the laundry mat (wow...haven't done that in a while!) And look around town trying to familiarize myself with things. I have read some of the history of Marshalltown, so perhaps I will look up those historical buildings I've seen on the internet. And of course I will be looking at homes and hopefully I will find one perfectly suited for our new nest. I will write you when I return. Blessings Friends~

March 17, 2009

~I've Met An Angel...And She Paints!~

I received this beautiful handpainted card and journal page in the mail yesterday! A Gift from the most Divinely Inspired Artist KarenHarveyCox
Karen's Talent knows no bounderies, she is an Artist, an Author, a Photographer, a Wife and Mom, and she is an Angel to me! She is a kind and gentle woman filled with the Sweet Giving Spirit of Our Lord. She is Truly I am for knowing her! Karen has a unique ability to create a work of Art that is not only asthetically beautiful, but also carries within it an message of Peace, Serenity, and Grace beyond measure. Every piece tells a story of a Remarkable Woman and her walk with the Lord~by her side, each step of the way~guiding her hands to reveal the beauty of life.
So, thank you Karen Harvey Cox for these Wonderful gifts that I will treasure always. God Bless You Friend!

March 15, 2009

~Bubbles From Rachel~

I just got in this Adorable Rachel Ashwell Bubble Fabric! Isn't it just Way Too Cute? Perfect for Baby Boy Rag Quilts. Soft Pastel Blue Cotton with Whimsical Bubbles in a variety of colors. I have been so busy with my moving adventure that I have neglected my sewing. I missed it so much, as sewing is such a comfort to me, a challenge for sure, but it brings me such pleasure. I turn the music on, and sew away!! My current favorite is, Micheal Buble', "It's Time." What wonderful songs, a fabulous voice. These songs remind me of my childhood as my parents listened to all of these recordings. They are such tender, sweet memories.
This quilt is made with a layer of white flannel, and a layer of blue flannel (on the bottom) I love the puffy ragging, and the bubbles are so much fun!!
I will be going to Iowa to look for a new home this coming week. I know my Lord has a perfect place for us, and I am so excited to see it! Thank you friends for your encouragement with this move, I feel completely at ease, and looking forward to a new adventure. I love the Midwest, although I am from Southern California, and I feel so Blessed and So Grateful that we will be staying in the Midwest. The Lord is guiding us step by step, his hand on our shoulder, and one footprint ahead.
I will take my trusty camera, and when I find our new home I will post some pictures for you. Happy Blessed Sunday!

March 8, 2009

~Words of Encouragement~They Mean So Much~

Hello Everyone!! Yes, I'm still standing and working my fingers to the bone....moving!! The relocation company will actually move all of our things for us, but I have spent two weeks just un-cluttering the house!! Yikes..I guess that tells you something about me?? Okay, I prefer to think of myself as a COLLECTOR rather than a CLUTTER-BUG! (smiles) My mom's dearest friend Ruth wrote me the most encouraging and inspiring note the other day. Bless you Ruth! Truly you are the wind beneath my wings!! It is such a blessing to have dear friends. Thank you Rebecca, & of course Dear Karen. I really don't know what I'd do without you. My special friend Betty, thank you for your kinds words sweet dear lady. Everytime I get on overload, I quick go to my inbox, and it never fails...a word that I needed to hear. Thank you Sandy, you're so funny and such a delight! Well, I'm off to my sadly neglected sewing room for a little fun before bedtime. God Bless you one and all for supporting me through this incredibly difficult, but exciting adventure. Hugs~Sharon
Also, please say a prayer for Dear Joni of Blue Plum Shop She is the most Darling Lady! She will be going into surgery in the morning, and needs a blessing. Thank you ever so much.

March 4, 2009

All Ready for the Lookie Loos!!

Well, after one whole week of de-cluttering the house for the real estate market I've decided that my hubby & I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! The second garage (on the right) is almost FULL!! Oh dear...well we can think about that another time. We had real estate agents coming in and out yesterday to look, and then hopefully bring their clients with them next time. My job is to gather up myself and my faithful companion Freeway when they call to have a look. Freeway is having a ball!! Lots of rides and walks lately...her life is really looking up!! :-) Well, two inspections today, and then I think I will try to grab a nap. Everytime I try to get to sleep at night I lay thinking of something else to be done! Moving Mania!! I'll try to keep you posted on my adventure...for now...have a great day!! Blessings~