December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!! 2009

Wishing you Peace, Hope and Joy in the New Year! Blessings & Hugs as we usher in 2009 together. God Bless You Friends!~

December 26, 2008

Lollishops in Somerset Life Magazine!!!

I'm so Blessed to be a part of Lollishops!! Here is a copy of our first ad in Somerset Life Magazine!! I have a little baby heart quilt featured in the magazine (top row-third picture) Yippeee!! There are so many fine artists at this exclusive online shopping venue...You won't find anything at Lollishops that isn't unique. For a gift, or for yourself, Lollishops offers a variety of Romantic Inspirations handcrafted by leading artisans of the 21st Century!! For an original design in cards, clothes, quilts, art, & vintage, come to Lollishops and prepared to be AMAZED!!! Fine Quality, Made in the U.S.A. Blessings Friends for a Prosperous New Year!!

December 22, 2008

~Almost Ready for Christmas!~

Well friends, we're almost ready for Christmas!! Shopping for food is the last item on my Christmas list! So I will brave the crowds this morning as I head off to Walmart for my last trip uptown!! I am so fortunate to live in a small town now, where the crowds are actually neighbors, and the whole shopping affair allows me the chance to wish, "Merry Christmas" to friends I won't be seeing until after the Holidays. It is so cold here....about 5 degrees, and the wind is blowing to beat the band!! Yikes!...I'm not looking forward to going out in this weather! Last night I was reading a dear lady's blog who took her kids to Chicago siteseeing yesterday! Cold, arctic winds and low temps. didn't keep them from having fun! Oh how I wish I were as adventurous as she is!! Heavens, I look out the window and get shivers!! My doggy wouldn't even go outside but twice yesterday...and only if I went with her!!! I suppose it is my Southern California upbringing that holds me back from enjoying sub-zero temps.....

But, I am able to thank the Lord that I CAN shovel snow, and drive on icy roads, and that when I am layered up to go outside I actually stay pretty warm-well kind of warm--warm enough, how's that?

I also read on my pal Joni's blog that the days from now on will be getting longer..that's a bonus!! She's in Nebraska, and it is these little things that mean a whole lot to us popscicles in the Midwest! :-)

Well, I'm off to shower, bundle up and head to the store! Wish me luck! Please, if you have a moment of time..say a prayer for the people in New England who are still without power! That must be horrible for them in this cold. Frankly, I do believe I would be burning the house down for warmth by now! Hugs & Blessings~

December 20, 2008

~It's A Winter Wonderland~

What a Wonderful time of the year it is! Hugs and thoughtful reflection, kind gestures and warmth. A time for new beginnings at the end of another year. I wish you a Merry Christmas with Blessings beyond compare. I wish you health & happiness. I wish you enough. Bless you!

December 18, 2008

~An Amazing Artist Spotlight Featuring Kathy's ScrapArt!!

Friends, in the Spirit of the Christmas Holiday I just had to share with you this AMAZING Christmas card I received in the mail yesterday! As some of you know, my dear, lifelong friend Kathy (artist/photographer) came to visit in October, and we celebrated 50 years of friendship! It was such a Blessing! Freeway (the doggy) thought so too! One morning as Kathy was having breakfast, before we took off for a day of fall photography, Freeway came up and rested her head on Kathy's (denim) leg, to make sure that Kathy didn't forget her if there were any crumbs left. *smiles* Laughing, Kathy snapped a photo of the Adorable Spoiled/Poor doggy begging ritual.
So you can imagine the surprise I felt when I opened up this Wonderful Christmas card! I was so in awe of this Fabulous rendering of Freeway! Kathy was able to capture not only a perfect depiction of the doggy...but the purpose and emotion that Freeway was trying so hard to convey! "Please, please won't you give me just one tiny scrap of food?" Aren't those eyes just Amazing? You can tell that Kathy is a very playful, intuitive lady, and that she is an animal lover! She is also Blessed with an Artist's eye for beauty and detail; and the sensitivity of a butterfly's wing. I will cherish this Christmas card (which will soon be framed and hanging on my wall :-), forever! Thank you dear friend, Mike and I just love this work of Art! Blessings~

A Gift From Tiffins Tidbits at Lollishops~Thank you Sweet Sally!

Good Morning friends! Just look at these darling items I was blessed to win from Sally at Tiffins Tidbits!! The recipe cards are Wonderful! Absolutely Perfect for my Country Kitchen!! I'm so excited! Sally makes Adorable Unique cards as well. This little birthday bracelet card will be lovely for my niece! Sally's cards are a gift in themselves! Quality, Excellent workmanship, and Adorability! Big Thank you to Sally at Tiffins Tidbits!! You can find her at Lollishops:

December 17, 2008

~Colleen's Elegant Handcrafted Ornaments~

After several busy days away from you....I"M BACK! Saturday my mom arrived at O'hare Airport from Dallas Texas! What a splendid day! My husband & I drove into the city without snow & ice to hamper our day. Truly a miracle! Sunday mom, my husband & I spent the entire day and well into the evening putting up Christmas decorations! Where do they all come from?? So...with Christmas up and running :-), Monday, we finished our shopping, got everything wrapped and under the tree, and the rest of the packages sent out in the mail! Time for a rest?...not quite. Yesterday we were blessed with 5 inches of snow!!! So...I shoveled snow, and mom made muffins! Warm muffins with melted butter, just the perfect treat for a frozen snow shoveler!! I mentioned in a recent post that my mom made most of my Christmas Ornaments. This morning I took some pictures for you. These little ornaments are truly an expression of love...just look at the detail, and imagine the time involved in each magnificent creation! And she says she is Not an Artist!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I think she is a Wonderful Artist!! What do you think?? Blessings Friends~

December 14, 2008

World Treasures Party!!

Welcome to the World Treasures Party!! You will find keepsakes and treasures from around the world. Stunning creations of treasured pieces collected throughout the year. Please Visit Cielo at
Above, you will find my contributions to the Party. These treasured pieces were given to me by my mom. I love the Florentine Tea Set with the Romantic courting couple. The platter is Flow Blue and features raised Chrysanthemums and trimmed in gold. There are so many beautiful and rare collections on display at Cielo's! You won't want to miss this!! Blessings~

December 12, 2008

Come Join The World of Treasures Party At The House In The Roses!!

Please don't miss this Exciting Gala at Cielo's House in the Roses! The World of Treasures Party beginning at 6:00 am at A feast for the eyes!! Beautiful Music~Extraordinary Treasures! Come join us!! Blessings~

December 11, 2008

Peppermint & Soap Bubbles The Blue Plum Shop!

What a Wonderful Surprise I received in the mail today from my Dear Pal, Joni (artist/owner) of the Fabulous "The Blue Plum Shop" A most Romantic & Festive Cake of Peppermint Sparkle Goat Milk Soap!! This Lovely Soap is molded into a Snowflake, Pure White with tiny pieces of Irredescent Sparkleys under the first layer! What a Wonderful Gift! A Thick, Rich Delicate Cake that feels so smooth on the skin...I'm not sure I will need a moisturizer! This little "Sweetie" reminds me of a most Elegant soap that I had the good fortune to find in Hungary some years ago. So Soft & Luxurious with a subtle hint of Peppermint! Of course, I couldn't wait to try it *smiles* so I hurried and took a picture to share with you! It is a Work of Art! Perfecto! I thank you Ms. Joni for your sweet spirit of giving in this most Holy Holiday Season. You have touched my heart with your kindness. Bless you friend!!
Joni offers her "Lovelies" at

December 9, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!!

Counting the days until my mom arrives..I usually wait until she gets here to decorate for Christmas so that we can share in the fun together! We decorate the tree, my mom made most of the ornaments throughout the years, and they are Lovely! She is also a glitter girl!! More importantly, we put up the manger scene, as we have done for so many years. As she unwraps each piece she tells the story of the person the piece represents. When I was younger, I remember being impatient with this project, always in a hurry to get things done!!...."I know mom! I know about the wise men. I know about the baby Jesus and how He came to be born in a manger. I know...I know...I know...." (truly I don't know how she put up with me:-) But she continued to recount the stories as she lovingly places the baby Jesus in the middle, with Mary & Joseph on either side. The cow and the sheep close by to warm the Messiah. The wise men following bearing gifts, their camels in tow. Angel Gabriel trumpeting the arrival of the birth of Our Lord stands to the side. There are so many beautiful pieces, that represent the story of life. This weekend she will unwrap each piece, and tell their stories, and place each piece with perfection..only now, I am so full of Joy to hear the stories once again, and can hardly wait to get started! This is one of my most treasured family traditions. Helping my mom with the see, it had been her manger and she had it for many years. Now it is mine as she gifted it to me about 6 years ago. What a treasure indeed! And what a time it will be!!

December 6, 2008

Christmas in the Pink~Featuring Renegade Rose from Lollishops!!!

Oh My! Just look at these Lovelies!! Every year my wonderful husband makes fudge for all of our neighbors, it's a tradition. This year, to top off the fudge plates I got these ADORABLE Little Cupcake Ornaments from my Sweet Talented Pal, Lori at Renegade Rose at Lollishops. Aren't they just the CUTEST things you ever did see? I must admit though....I'm keeping one for myself!! I can't stand it, they are just too Darling! Thanks Lori...You're the BEST!! Stop and see her Fabulous Designs at Lollishops.

December 4, 2008

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way!!!!

Happy Holidays Friends! This is my Sweet Pal Freeway! She's licking her face because she knows that as soon as the camera clicks.....she gets a mouth-watering homemade doggy treat!! This little girl has been such a Blessing to me! She's a rescue doggy, and I really can't imagine what it was like...before she arrived. She's 9 years old now, we got her from a rescue shelter as a wee pup! She is so smart and has such a large vocabulary! She is well loved, and very very spoiled. When we have visitors, she is the first to greet them, because of course, they came to see her! :-) She sleeps on our bed, and keeps me awake at night, she's very serious about play time, and always needs to know where everyone in the house is & what they're doing. And she's very protective of her dog mom & dad. She's delightfully sweet and lovable. We are so Blessed to have this little Treasure in our home. As soon as we put our Christmas Tree up...she's snooping around to find something under the tree just for her, when she smells something good, she paws at it until it's in the middle of the livingroom floor. Then she just stands there grunting & stomping her feet impatiently as if to say, "Hey, I found it! Can I open it now???" Too funny! And she does open them herself!! It takes her awhile, and it is Oh So Hilarious! She's always so Proud when she finally gets her toy! I'll take some pictures of her this Christmas and post them for you. Priceless!

December 2, 2008

My Orchids Are Blooming!!

What a Beautiful way to begin the day! I came into my dining room this morning and what do I see? My two orchids are blooming together!! These girls are several years old, maybe 7 or 8 years, and they have never, ever bloomed at the same time! What a Marvelous gift! I love orchids and I have kept them for probably 20 years now, and these two are the only ones that have ever bloomed year after year. I bought very expensive orchids at flower shops, nurseries, etc. These two....Walmart!!!! How funny!! In the spring and summer, I keep them outside underneath a balcony patio along with all of my other plant friends. I bring them in before the first frost, and look at them! Bloomin' to beat the band! I will post some pictures of them when they open, they are just a delight to have all winter long! My last flowers bloomed from December until June! It is difficult to look at the beauties and not see the Creators' handiwork. I'm so thankful for the beauty that surrounds us, for the small things, for the wonder of nature. I can't wait for you to see the flowers! Stay won't be long now!! Blessings~

November 30, 2008


Friends please stop by Lollishops when you can and see the Wonderful Creations made by some of the Most Talented Artisans Today! From Sewing to Cardmaking; Jewelry to Dolls you'll no doubt find Something you LOVE at Lollishops! I'm going back right now---so I'll catch up with you later! So EXCITING! And be sure to stop by and say hello to me at
Sharons Cottage Quilts. Blessings~

November 25, 2008

~Periwinkle Blue Beach Cottage Pillow~

What a Yummy Color...Periwinkle Blue!! I particularly love to see it matched with Pink! (of course). I am discovering as I age gracefully (smiles), that the simplest things make me happy. A knowing look from my hubby as we share a secret between ourselves, the sweet contentment on my doggy's face when I give her an ear rub, my mom, my champion who always loves everything I create....and color, color makes me happy. I love pink, and try to always have something pink around me, it just cheers me to no end. And this periwinkle blue~it even has an Adorable name, doesn't it? Periwinkle....cute! No friends I haven't lost it, rather I think I am in a continual process of finding it! It is the simple things~the very things that make your day! I am thankful for many things~I am thankful for a God who loves me, and thankfully has a Great sense of humor, my Wonderful Family and Dear Friends and I'm thankful for you! Blessings for a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2008

A Poodle For Christmas!!!!

When I saw this fabric, it brought to mind the funniest memory of a poodle my mom got when I was a young girl. He was a rescue give you an idea, his name was "Pepe Le Retardu!" No kidding! My mom was not really a dog lover (then), but she just loved poodles, and her experience with them had been so delightful, she wanted one for our family. A cute, sweet adorable poodle!! Well....Pepe had other plans!! This dog was the most unsociable animal I've ever encountered! He only liked my dad, let me put it another way, he worshipped my dad. As far as Pepe knew, the Good Lord put my dad on this earth for him! If that dog was in another room, down the long hallway in a bedroom, sound asleep...he could hear our footsteps as we approached my dad for a hug. Off the bed and into the hallway in one gigantic leap, barreling down the hall, hitting the living room door, and up into my dads arms growing at us fiercely, before we could take four steps to get to pops!! It was like he knew what we were thinking!! My dad always went to bed early (with Pepe of course following him closely), my mom coming along after all the chores were done. As soon as she crossed the threshold of the bedroom...GRRRRRR...Bark, Bark, Snapping, Showing teeth!!! Bless her heart...he scared her to death! And me too if I went in there! He was just a mess, poor Pepe. Eventually my mom would take a broom to bed with her and as she walked through the doorway, she'd just start swinging!! I'm sure she never hit him, but boy oh boy, when he saw that broom coming he'd just jump off the bed and run underneath!! I guess the whole broom thing worked out well..not much barking and growling at bedtime, and thankfull sweet peace prevailed! Here's to Pepe Le Retardu!

November 20, 2008

~Christmas Romance~

~Blue & Pink Rhinestone & Pearl Christmas Tree with Jeweled

~Pink Roses & Teacups Rag Quilt for Baby~

Teacups & Pink Roses!

*Comfy Baby in Roses*
Fluffy Pink Squiggle Chenille & White Poofy Chenille

This little Elf has been very Busy!!

November 19, 2008

~Vintage Figurines~

Nothing brings me back to the memories of childhood like vintage figurines! I can recall looking at these fabulous treasures with a twinkle in my eye, and a childs imagination that could take off like a sky rocket at a moments notice! I would have looked at Soda Pop here, and thought how soft and cute she is! I would have loved the little pompadour on top of her head, and kissed here little pink cheeks! Then I would have gazed into her perky little eyes and smiled because she looks like she's ready to play. Yes, I can imagine that I would have loved her, and wished that I had a real pony that looked just like Soda Pop! Just maybe..."Hey mom and dad, do you know what I want for Christmas more than ANYTHING in the WORLD?" "We could keep her in the backyard!" Seeing the world through a childs' eye is a most Awe inspiring experience. Seeing Christmas through a childs' eye.....Priceless!

November 18, 2008

~Pink Chenille Patchwork Scarf~

~It's Crisp, Clean and Oh So Cold Outside!! But...the sun is shining and God is Good!! In honor of this first really, really cold day I made a Soft Pink Chenille Scarf with Vintage Hand Crochet Trim. Is it Warm you say?? Not in the least bit! But just look how sweet it is!! A Darling Pink Rose to accentuate the Snowy White Cabin Crafts Chenille! Sometimes it's just FUN to be Playful & Impractical isn't it? The older I get...the more I like pink! And at this Wonderfully Sweet time in my life...I'm totally in Love with it :-) What is that anyway? I meet more women my age that just cannot get enough pink in their lives. I've sold so many Shabby Pink Rag Quilts to ladies of a certain age, (smiles) that I can't even count anymore! Could it be.......menopink!!!??? Oh well, whatever, I need to run out and get a Darling Pink Hat!!! Blessings~

November 17, 2008

...A Little About Organization...

Whoa! Have a look at this organized grouping! I don't know why it is that I cannot keep my sewing room together! It's maddening! It seems that I am Always cleaning, rearranging, putting stuff in neat little stacks, which by the way, I can never find afterward. My sewing cabinets are stuffed to the brim with the most gorgeous fabric on the market today, yet I can never find that one particular piece that I need to use right now! (smiles)
It won't be long until organization resumes in my mom will soon be here to visit! She is the BEST at organizing things!! She comes a couple of times a year for visits, and always helps me with my quilts, cutting them out, putting fabrics together beautifully, and even cooks dinner while I sew!! But even more importantly...she organizes my fabric! Mom!! Where are you?? Help!!!!!
Have a look at my lace! This is actually a tiny portion of lace that I have carefully gathered for many years. (the rest is lost in the fabric cabinets) In fact, this is just lace I've used in the last couple of months for different projects, and left on my pastry stand! (laughing) Can you see the pastry stand? No way! I was looking for it the other day to display some cupcakes I made...tore the entire kitchen and pantry apart looking for it! Today while I was opening the drapes in my sewing room, my eye caught the foot of the pastry stand, and believe it or not....I recognized it for what it was! Alas, the cupcakes are gone...But I Found My Pastry Stand!!!! It's a GREAT DAY!! Hugs~

November 12, 2008

~Shabby Cottage Rag Quilt~

Busy sewing up a storm this cold and gray day here in Illinois. Doesn't this little "Sweetie" make you just want to crawl underneath it, eat popcorn and watched a good movie? These colors are my favorites, minty green & pink. If you have taken a look at my other photos, you can see that I'm not kidding!! (smiles). I'm just a Pinky through and through! This Lovely Quilt will be offered in my Lollishops store on Nov. 28th. I'm so excited!! Which is another reason I am sewing up a storm~getting ready for the grand opening! I should have the Sweetest, Most Adorable Toddler Quilt done for you to see tomorrow evening~~Until Then......

November 11, 2008

Shabby Rag Rug

Thank the Lord I'm done!! I've been working on this Rag Rug since last Christmas!! (smiles) Today I completed this Adorable~Thick~Soft~Frou-Frou Rug! Using my scraps leftover from Quiltmaking...a Great Project for Scraps of Fabric. I've made a few of these rugs over the years, and listed them on Ebay....the very same lady bought them..years apart! They are so durable, and Chic I just Love them myself! Well, that's all for today, I've got a quilt almost done and need to get with it. Blessings~

November 10, 2008

Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling Ring Ting Tingling Too!!

Okay, I know I'm a little early with my trees this year, but it's been so cold I'm just in the mood! So, I have created these Pretty & Petite Tulle Teacup Christmas Trees! Decked out with Ribbon and Ornies, Roses and Vintage Glass Beads, Even Rhinestones! And of course....Pink! Each little tree made its home in a Vintage Teacup & Saucer. Just look at the Pink Polka-Dot Bow, we love that! I'm dreaming of a Pink Christmas (:-)! Blessings Friends~

November 7, 2008

Thank You Jeni from Pnkgeeni!!!!

Jeni, owner and artist of "Pnkgeeni" had a blog Giveaway! Guess What?? I won!!! Just look at these Magnificent handmade cards! Each one Perfectly created with an Artists' eye and a surgeons hands! Every card has an Adorable coordinating envelope. Oh Jeni you just made my week!! They're Lovely, and I will cherish them! (It will be very difficult to give them away....:-) Thank you & Big Hugs to you across the ocean in New Zealand! Here's a link to Jeni's Store on Lollishops opening Nov. 28

November 6, 2008

What a Blessing!

I'd like to share this wonderful life story with you! I grew up in San Diego, California. When I was 3 years old I met a Sweet, Shy Little 3 year old named Kathy. We became friends immediately! We were inseparable throughout our youth, as our homes were just 3 houses apart. This year is our 50th Anniversary of Friendship! My, where has the time gone? She came to Illinois to visit a few weeks ago, and we celebrated our Friendship together. We hiked, and shopped (of course), we enjoyed wonderful meals together, and we made two rag quilts while she was here. One for her Adorable granddaughter Alyssa, and one for her baby grandson who will be born in February.
It is so special how two lifelong friends, who don't see each other often, can come together and pick up right where they left off! It is almost as though time isn't a factor! I think that must be one of the miracles of friendship. We are 50 years older, but I don't see Kathy as getting older, I see her as a timeless beauty, on the outside as well as the inside. This little picture is Kathy's granddaughter holding the quilt that her grandmother and I made especially for her during that visit. It was made with 100 years of love (50 from Kathy; 50 from myself). Her daughter sent this picture to me just a few minutes ago, and I just couldn't wait to share it with you. She is a Precious little Beauty, isn't she? So much like her dear grandmother, they have the same soulful eyes. And I must say, she is a little like me too! She LOVES Pink!! I wish you the miracle of friendship, and laughter and lots of love. Blessings~

November 5, 2008

It's A New Day!

It's a new day! As I awoke this morning and opened the drapes I looked at my yard, that I had so painstakingly raked, mowed and manicured yesterday, only to find piles of leaves and tree limbs, utter chaos everywhere!! I sat at the kitchen table thinking, "Well, my day is set out for me, I'll start all over again with the rake and the mower." Work, work, work. With aching muscles, I started downstairs with my little dog (who is a Great helper), to get the garbage out and survey the damage further. As I opened the garage door, I was met with this spectactular site! This little tree is in the yard by the front door, and I realized that I had completely missed the beauty of this little tree yesterday as I labored for a tidy yard. I almost missed the unique colors of change, as I worried and dreaded the work involved in the change. Silly isn't it?
So, in my stocking feet on this cool fall day, I grabbed my camera and took pictures of this magnificent site to share with you. Today, I will rake and mow and cut back, all of the natural fall activities of yard work....but I'll do it with a new eye; an eye of anticipation, and admiration for change. An eye for beauty and grace that captures the particular jerky floating movements a leaf makes when it is leaving its branch and falling to the ground. Today is a New Day! I will rejoice and embrace the changes that are to come.

November 2, 2008
I invite you to attend the Grand Opening of Lollishops on November 28th. Prepare yourself for a most spectacular shopping experience! You'll find the links for Lollishops on my blog! Come Visit...(you won't want to leave!)

November 1, 2008

French Cottage Blue Rag Quilt!

It is rare that I make a quilt with anything but
Pink...but I guess I must have been feeling like
branching out! (smile) A Sweet little Cottage Blue!
Happy day after Halloween! Okay here's the wonderful~helpful husband bought several BIG bags of Chocolate Candy a week ago, so I'm thinking...okay, Halloween is taken care of. NOT! We ate every single piece of chocolate in those humongous bags!! Oh my gosh! It's truly been a sweet week here..and a fast one too! :-) So yesterday, I ran up to the store and bought 5 bags of candy (not chocolate though), and was all ready to pass it out....7 kids showed up! That's right 7 tiny little children came to the door trick or treating! What???? We usually have about 60 or 70 kids...7???So here it is, the day after Halloween and my Wonderful Husband & I are hangin' out, eating candy! I'm not even going near a scale for a month!! Ha!! Seven kids...I can't believe it...wait till next year! Think they'd like year old candy? (as if it would last around this house for a year.) Here's hoping that you were all long on treats...and short on tricks!! Blessings~

October 27, 2008

Rise and Shine fellow Pinkies! Here are a few of my Shabby Rag Quilts! The top left Quilt will be featured in the January Issue of Somerset Life Magazine! I'm so excited! It will be part of an ad for Lollishops! As it is the Valentine's Day issue, I have Pink Tulle Hearts and of course, Adorable Pink Lollipops! Petite Bows grace many of the squares as well. Cute? Oh yea, we Love that Pink! The other two quilts were recently listed and sold on my Ebay shop. Santa's Elves have nothing on me as I prepare to celebrate the Grand Opening of "The Lollishop Guild" Busy Busy Busy~Blessings for a Wonderful Day!