February 24, 2011

~Put A Little Pink In Your Grey!~

Hello Friends! To offset the grey days here in Iowa...I've been knitting up a storm! Knitting is the perfect craft for winter for me. I always pick colors that brighten my world..and pink is one of my most favorite colors! Pink just turns my insides to jelly!! (smiling) So I gathered up all of my leftover pink stash and made this V shaped Shawl. It has two layers of fibers throughout the entire piece and it is so incredibly warm...I made extra long, thick fringe because I just love the casual messy look of it. What fun! And I must tell you, working on it was a delight! Now I'm off to block it, but I just had to share this with you.
I hope that you are all well and as excited as I am to have winter almost over!! Let the Sun Shine In!! Blessings all!
P.S. I see signs of spring in my garden already!! Yikes! Crossing my fingers that it is not too early. Hugs~

February 17, 2011

The Winner of OWOH.... Belinda Ferrells!!!

Well another year and the last One World One Heart has come to an end. I have been so blessed to be a part of this wonderful blogging event! It has been incredibly rewarding to meet and visit the many participants, and to see the fabulous creations by talented artists. I have enjoyed all of your comments which have led me to your blogs and has opened up for me a whole new insight into the world of creative arts. I thank you one and all!
Now for the winner of my giveaway...this little clothespin bag, which was chosen through a random number website..the number is 102
The lucky girl is: BELINDA FERRELLS!!!! Her fabulous blog is Belinda Ferrells Polymer Clay OOAK Babies!
Oh what a wonderful and creative polymer clay artist she is! Her babies are so lifelike and beautiful. Be prepared to be AMAZED when you follow the link to her blog.
Congratulations Belinda Ferrells!!

February 3, 2011

~Stormy Weather~Heaps of Fun!

First...the Blizzard
My Driveway Covered in Snow

More of the Driveway and Turnaround

What a Storm! I'll get back to you when I'm done Shoveling!!