January 28, 2009

A Promise of Spring!

Hi Friends...it's been a few days since my last post. I've been so busy sewing, and SPRING CLEANING!! I know what you're thinking :-) But I was looking through some of my backyard photos from last year, and the promise of spring lit up my winter world like a beautiful smile! Looking at these pictures just makes me happy! I planted each flower, fern and vegetable in my gardens. I placed each rock in the perfect place to show off it's unique beauty. Look at my sweet little garden angel watching over the shade garden! I am cheerfully awaiting my first signs of spring. Then I will be in my garden every single day rejoicing in the miracles of Spring.

January 18, 2009

~A Beautiful New Life~Orchids in Bloom!

Last December I posted some
pictures of my Lovely Orchids as they were just beginning to stem. I promised at that time that I would share some pictures with you when they bloomed. Well...here they are! Aren't they lovely? The coloring is just a tad different than last year, and the blooms lasted for 4 or 5 months. Oh how I hope that they grace me with their presence for that long this year. I am so blessed to wake up each and every morning to the delicate and ethereal beauty of this tropical wonder! What a Delight! Thank you Sweet Lord! I hope that you enjoy them too! Blessings~

January 15, 2009

~Thankful Thursday~

This is my first Thankful Thursday post! I am so blessed and have many reason to be thankful. First though, I would like to thank my many friends that have been praying for Sweet Karen. She has had a great miracle in her life, and her health is not in jeopardy anymore!! Singing Praises!! A miracle indeed! I am thankful for her renewed health.
I am thankful for my Darling Husband, that he has been home more frequently than is normal. (works out of town). I am thankful that my 80 year old mom is spunkier than I am! That my wonderful brother and his adorable wife Carol are well and so happy in love. Also that my old dear friend Kathy has a new baby grandson who is in perfect health. I am thankful that I am well loved, and that I am able to love well. Finally, as you may have heard, we are in the midst of a cold snap! I am thankful that I have a warm home, that I have electricity (so many people have lost theirs today), and plenty to keep me busy while I patiently await the coming of spring. Blessings~

January 11, 2009

Lollishops~A Magical Shopping Experience!

For a Yummy Sweet Shopping Adventure come to Lollishops! A choice variety of accomplished artisans will thrill you with Original Creations available only on Lollishops. If you love glitter, quilts, shabby decor, vintage figurines, original art, cupcakes (yummy), rag quilts, Pillows, handcrafted jewelry, one of a kind cards, and PINK, you musn't miss this Spectactular New Online Shopping Experience! Follow the link and step into the Magical World of Lollishops!
This Gorgeous Collage was created by Sadie Lou Who owner of Lollishops. Please check out here Lollishop at http://www.lollishops.com/sadielouwho

January 9, 2009

A Sweet Pink Valentine's Day!!

What a Joy for Valentine's Day to be just around the corner! In my world even Valentine's Day is Pink! With Christmas and New Year's a wonderful memory, I now look forward to the Sweetest Day! Hearts & Roses~Cupid with his bow~Candy~Romantic cards from loved ones! What could be nicer? I had long been curious about the history of Valentine's Day cards, and just how they came to be so popular here in the United States... I ran across a lovely article about Miss Esther Howland (1828-1904) of Massachusetts. Miss Howland, after graduating from Mount Holyoke received a Valentine's Day greeting from England. She was so taken with the beautiful handcrafted card complete with lace and linen, that she ordered her own supplies from Europe and began to create tiny little masterpiece Valentine's Day cards. With help from family and friends, Miss Esther set up an assembly line, with each girl assigned a different task and turned her Card making into a $100,000 a year company! Just think....Miss Esther of Worcester, Mass., a successful entrepeneur....and she couldn't even vote! Her cards were so Beautiful, So Magnificent...a site for the eye to behold! If you get a chance to google her you will find so many wonderful examples of her work. Thank you Ms. Esther!

January 5, 2009

Uh-Oh Look Out!! The Dreaded Winter Clean Up!

It seems many times at the beginning of a new year, I have the urge to go through each room of my home and rejuvenate! It is not always a big change or even a noticeable change, just something different. A lampshade redo or rearranging kitchen cupboards, drapery cleaning...but always...always the good, thorough vacuum!! (cut to doggy) Dum Dum De Da!! (scary music) Dread fills the air, the ears go down (dust protection), "Which way do I go?? Gotta get away! Don't turn it on...Stop!! ACK!! Run for your Life!!"

Folks, just have to add a disclaimer that Freeway has never been sucked up into the vacuum cleaner...not even close! But just look at this face!! Is this hilarious, or what?? Poor little girl, sheds like a fall Maple....and scared to death of the vacuum! Rough life! Blessings for a Brand New Year~

January 2, 2009

~Turn Bleak Into Beautiful!! Knitting the Colors of Winter~

Good Morning Sweet Ladies!! As I gazed out the window at the sunset last night, I was reminded how beautiful a stark & bleak winter evening can be. The tree trunks and branches bare, little snow on the ground, and a cold wind blowing in puffs of dark clouds. Beyond all of the black, gray and white of winter is a pink & red sunset in the distance! Color!!! So, I picked up my dusty knitting needles and proceeded to bring the colors of this winter night into my home. This Ruana will include all of the colors of winter, that are so easy to miss. This will be my "Sunset Ruana"
Snow white, red & pinks for the sunset, purple and gray for the sky, and even a little fun fur for the tiny abandoned birds nest from last spring. I have added a little blue for my neighbors home that you can see in the distance.
So having not made a New Year's Resolution...I suppose that enjoying the colors of winter will be mine this year, and my new Ruana will remind me to accept what comes along with a joyful heart and mind, always giving thanks to our Creator for the Wonders of All seasons, he has so lovingly blessed us with. Perhaps not to take things for granted as I tend to do. And to love deeply and without reservation in the Spirit of Christ. Well friends, I do have a New Year's Resolution after all! Blessings to each of you, and may you enjoy an inspired New Year!
I would like to ask you to please say a prayer for a wonderful lady Karen, a talented artist and a beautiful soul. Her health is in question, and she needs some prayer and a blessing. Thank you ever so much. Yours~Sharon