June 22, 2009

~Clouds Over Iowa~

Okay....I understand that you are probably getting REALLY tired of my sky pictures, however, I just needed to post just one more cloud! (right, hmmmm) Look at this cloud that was over my house yesterday!! These are the colors of the cloud, for real!! Have you ever?? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. It reminds me of a volcano. Look at the dark clouds on the bottom of the page, don't they look like the jagged rim of an erupting volcano? Very majestic. I'll try to pull myself away from the windows in order to bring you the orchid photos. It'll be hard.......
Blessings Friends~
Hello Sheila!! I'm so happy that you decided to blog!!


  1. Sharon, your clouds are glorious. I know here in the midwest the other day we had hellacious storms go through. It went from sunny, to very gray to almost black & green which of course usually means tornado warning/or actual. It was thrilling and yet horrifying. It really does let you know who is in control right quick.

  2. I never get tired of looking at cloud pictures; they are gorgeous!! it must have been fantastic to see this one in person!! keep sharing them as you get them :)


  3. I love to watch clouds...that sure is a good thunder boomer building up...thx for sharing

  4. You are getting some great shots! I don't mind looking at those one bit!

  5. Your sky pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  6. TY for the lovely comments on my post re DH ... he is a real gem, I am very grateful we are together.

    As a child I remember laying on the ground w/friends, just looking up at the clouds trying to create images out of them as they shifted in & out of formation. I still enjoy watching them.

    TTFN ~ Marydon