June 17, 2009

~What Me???!!! I Don't Have A Problem!!!

Okay....maybe a little one! :-) During this whole moving process, I have been procrastinating putting my sewing/computer room together. I did get everything out of boxes a week or so ago, however....nothing, I repeat, NOTHING was organized!! Well, in these last few stormy, rainy days, I worked in this, the last, room in the house to organize. Holy Cow!! Do I have an obsessive/compulsive fabric problem? Is that my diagnosis? Geezzzzz!
In my other home, I had boxes of fabric packed away, never having the entire collection (yes, that's a good word for it...collection), in one room! Now, all of this fabric is together..sorted by hue and texture. Double door lighted closets really help for the vision impaired, getting up there in years kinda gal that I am..Two white stand up closets for the overflow of lace and yarn!!
Not a single space left over! Now that the fabric is put away...(Lord, please don't let there be a fire!), I can begin to decorate and nest...I'm good at that (smiles). Well, I never realized that I had so much fabric, with everything stuck in closets throughout the house, boxes, drawers...you name it! Soon, I will have curtains, and frillies, and my husband will go crazy!! Hee hee! It must be hard to be a perfectionist and live with the likes of me!!! Truly though, he's very tender and kind...really good at turning a blind eye to my comforting confusion. Thank you Lord, you found me the PERFECT Gentleman!
Blessings all!


  1. psst... psst over here, YOu can fit just a bit more in here!!

    I had this problem and then resigned myself to no more fabric. But then, a custom order came... oh lawds i needs me some help!!

    i've done better in the last few months and hope to keep it to one armoire. That is the plan. We all know what happens to plans!!

    love you room Sharon!

  2. Looks like my feedsack fabric shelves ... don't have enough sense to stop. chuckle! TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Looks like a nice sunny room to work in. Gosh, you think you have enough pink fabric??? LOL!

  4. Well, what can I say, the first thing is to admit you have a problem!! LOL - I do too!! If there was a Fabrics Anon, I would be on the first row!! Looks Fab!!

  5. so very nicely organized, Sharon! the sewing room looks great. I don't think you have a problem, you are an artist and a crafter, you need to have the tools of your trade, right??

    can't wait to see pictures of your creations as you go about decorating your nest


  6. Got room for more....the collecting habit has taken a big bite out of me lately.....not sure City Boy can handle it...LOL!!

    I'll just close the door...he'll never know!!.......LindaMay

    ps......looks good!!

  7. I don't see any problems there either! I enjoyed seeing your collection!

  8. At least you have an organized problem... beautiful fabric.