June 18, 2009

~A Very Eerie Sight!~

As I was walking in the yard yesterday, pulling up weeds, watching Freeway frolic in the grass, contemplating the wonder of nature, I happened upon this old tree in front of our home. Underneath is a beautiful little cluster of Lily of the Valley. I love their delicate little bells. I looked up at the sound of a bird in song...What did I see?? Yikes! Isn't this the weirdest looking anomaly you ever did see? It was rather startling, because it clearly looks like a face to me! Do you see it too? It is large, about two feet long, and it is looking up the road. It's neat...but creepy, don't you think? Very unique.......Very Eerie.....


  1. That is really odd! Great pic. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Hi! Sharon
    Thanks for visit and lovely comments. Certainly is a 'scarey' tree. Amazing the things we notice when blogging.

  3. that is eerie! I wonder what it looks like at night when its a full moon??

    hope you enjoy your day (and thanks so much for the prayers for my son/girlfriend; you are soooo sweet)


  4. It looks like casper the ghost in one of his "OH NO" moments.. hehehe funny post today Sharon.