June 20, 2009

~Bathing Beauty~

Look at this little girl!! She's so funny! I really think she is adjusting well to her new home (smiles). Ten years old now, and still takin' in the rays..It's not good to fall asleep when you are sunbathing, so I woke her up, took her in, and gave her a doggy treat. Aaaahhh...it's a dogs life!


  1. one of my cats (he thinks he's a dog actually!!) always ends up sleeping like that and if i catch him, i sneak up and squidge his lovely furry tummy :) i love it when they get high on the sun and fall asleep with their paws in the air - so cute! xx

  2. my dog always does that. its always so cute!

  3. Freeway is so cute lying there in the sun! what a way to spend part of the day out soaking up a little rays! I'm glad she too is enjoying and adjusting to her new home!

    enjoy your day, Sharon!