May 17, 2009

~Sunday Morning in Full Bloom!~

Hello Friends~I'm finally back to my computer~I missed reading all of your blogs for the week that I have been in Iowa. I had a wonderful, restful week of playing in my new home, and getting to know the surrounding area. I took several cuttings from my yard, and planted them in the new yard. It's so comforting to me to have some of my familiar plants, the ones that I love to look at the most....So, there I was driving my pick up along Hwy. 30 with a John Deere rider in the bed of the truck, a weed eater, several buckets of rocks (I am a rock hound) Plants, Luggage, a 9 foot long, full Hoya plant in the front passenger seat, and my trusty traveling companion, who by the way, is getting REALLY tired of these back and forth trips! Poor Freeway, honest to Pete! After I packed up the truck, I took Freeway on a 10 minute walk so that she could do her business, it was 40 degrees outside and windy as can be! Just then, my neighbors Palomino comes racing by~riderless, reins flying in the wind~at top speed! Where is my sweet little neighbor girl??? Freeway takes off after the horse, I'm running after Freeway. After corraling my dog, here comes the girl with her 4 dogs and headphones on, walking down the street! I said, "Did the horse get away from you? Are you alright?" "Oh yes," she replies, "that's an old horse, and all of her friends are in the pasture...she's just in a hurry to see them." Apparently so! Anyway, back to the story...We are ready to go! We made it back in 3.5 hours with 2 stops so Freeway could potty, unloaded the mower with the help of our neighbor Tim. I mowed, blew off the driveway and patios, raked and picked up tree limbs from the storm the day before. Yes, my dog & I were fairly exhausted last night!
Today, I have so many things to do, I haven't a clue where to begin. The movers will be here in the morning to start packing up. My husband will get in late tonight after working all day today. This house still hasn't sold, but we have been praying that it will, and we believe in prayer. I am so grateful that the Lord has given me a sense of comfort and peace concerning this last part of the move. I awoke this morning feeling well rested and ready for the day! No dread on me! I will just do what I can do.
Meanwhile, in catching up with all of my favorite blogs, I found that Tammy's Blog For a Stitch in Thyme is having the most beautiful giveaway! A stunning Victorian Lace pillow! This pillow is truly a work of art, finely made, by an incredibly talented fabric artist. I couldn't help myself but enter the giveaway!
I don't know when my computer will be packed up, or when I will have my connection at the other home, long for now, I'll be back! Blessings~

May 7, 2009

~Wise Old Willow~

This old Willow Tree stands in our yard, broken limbs, great big bulges sticking out at every side, bent and gnarly too. This Great old dame was here before any of the homes, and some of the home date to the 60's, which may or may not be that old to some, but to this lady 40 years has left its mark on every single square inch of wood. My husband and I have such a love for this tree, we have had her treated for carpenter ants, fertilized her for 12 years, cut off most of the dead branches, although there are new ones each year. We hoped to be able to save her so that she would stand for another 40 years...and perhaps she will. As you near the tree, you can smell the musty smell of her old wood, and when it rains very hard the bottom of her trunk sits in water briefly. She has had raccoons and squirrels living up in her branches, and when we first got our dog Freeway, she used to jump up in that tree and look around! Blue Jays, Robins, mean old Blackbirds, and sparrows take refuge in her wonderful arms. Occasionally the neighbors kitty sits up in the ole' gal preening, perhaps trying to catch a bird. Every year, I wait for spring to see if she will emerge from yet another frozen, harsh winter~and she does. Bless this wonderful wise old willow, with all of her bumps and scars, saggy trunk and wrinkles she truly is Magnificent!

May 6, 2009

A Cloud With A Silver Lining~

This day began so lovely, sunshine and warmth, birds singing and making nests. It was a glorious morning. Then the mighty clouds began to form. I stepped out onto my deck and captured this magnificent sight. A cloud with a silver lining. Just as I snapped this picture the wind came up and in blew a storm that lasted for two hours. Furious Thunder, Lightning, Wind, and rain. It was Wonderful! Reminding me of a Robert Frost poem:

The line-storm clouds fly tattered and swift.

The road is forlorn all day,

Where a myriad snowy quartz stones lift,

And the hoof-prints vanish away.

The roadside flowers, too wet for the bee,

Expend their bloom in vain.

Come over the hills and far with me,

And be my love in the rain.

I love that,"Come over the hills and far with me, and be my love in the rain." I wish you a wonderful day with many Blessings to come your way.

A special thank you to my dear friend Kathy, who has encouraged my to be more diligent with my blog. Hugs Kath.

Oh yes and Joni ....I used spellcheck :-) Ha!


Hello Friends!~Blessings to you on this new day! I was up early and outside taking pictures at dawn...unfortunately, it was a bit too early for photos and this is the only picture that came out with enough light! The early bird???...Hmmmm

Soon it will be time to clean out the storage cabinets, gather my "Stuff" and get ready for the movers. May 18th they will begin packing up, and by May 22nd we will be in our new hilltop home. Hubby is already living there, (with the barest essentials) but I will be joining him once again. It has been lonesome here without him, and this time apart has most assuredly made the "heart grow fonder." He will be home on Thankful Thursday...thankfully! It seems that I am a bit of a disaster when on my own...broke the dishwasher door; the toilet handle; etc....Yikes! I'm like typhoon Betty here. Hee hee! But the end is in sight, and a new beginning is within reach. I am such a "Nester" (as my sweet mom would say) and having some things in one home and others here in this home gives me a suspended feeling, almost like I don't know where my nest is. It'll be over soon...
Well, I'm off to mow the yard after some breakfast~the rain is moving in fast, and I don't dare let the grass go another day. Blessings for a wonderful day!

May 1, 2009

Happy May Day Friends~

Happy May Day! Does May Day bring back youthful memories to you? I remember May Day oh so well! I attended a Catholic School as a child, and each May 1st we would go outside to the enormous statue of the Virgin Mary, at the base of which was a pole tied with many colored strands of crepe paper. We would each take one strand and dance around the statue singing and laughing! What fun! Then we would retreat into the classroom to begin the construction of our May Baskets. Scissors cutting~colorful paper flying about, pieces covering the floor of the room. Singing~Guitar playing by Sister Claret (aka Sister Carrot) She was truly the original Singing Nun :-) We would work most of the day on our Beautiful Creations taking just enough time to eat our lunches, then right back at it, all the time chatting about who we would bestow our Masterpieces upon. In the end of course, we each loved our own baskets so very much, and wanted to keep them with us, that most of us decided that our mothers should be the recipient. And so, every year my mother received a crafty, handmade, rather crude-but colorfully cute May Basket. My flowers are just beginning to bloom so I ran out before the rain to capture the beautiful colors of May for you! A little robin came to visit me this day~I caught him looking!!
Blessing to you on this Lovely May Day!