February 27, 2009

~Spring Cleaning A Little Early~Once Again!!!

Hello Friends! I've been MIA from all of my internet activities this week! On Monday, my husband called and said, "Guess where we're going?" Well, of course I'm thinking a long vacation to the Bahamas or something equally as romantic and enticing~A getaway to somewhere warm and sandy? Not! He said, "We're moving to Marshalltown, IA!! Instant visions of chaos popped into my mind__Cleaning closets, painting rooms, packing, real estate buyers poppinig in and out all day (hopefully :-) And oh my gosh, what a whirlwind! I have been so intensely absorbed in getting everything ready that I have let my poor blog go....This will be a bittersweet move, as I love my gardens and my home here, and most importantly my wonderful neighbors. It has been such a pleasure to live in a small town, although Marshalltown is about the same size as Sterling where I live now. It will be a change nevertheless. In these times of financial chaos, my husband & I feel so very fortunate that he has a great job, so....onward marching we go!
We will have a real estate lady out tomorrow morning to list our house, and my husband will start his new job on Monday.
I will try to post my adventure in moving, you see I am trying to think of all this as an adventure...(smile) Moving is fun....Right???
Well, gotta go get back to work!!! Enough sitting....Bless you all.

February 19, 2009

~Magnificent Orchids in Bloom!~

A month or two ago, I wrote about my two orchids, and I posted a picture of the first one that bloomed...a Stunning Pink Orchid. Now friends, the other is blooming, and I just had to share the beauty of this purest white orchid with its fuchsia center. What a lovely way to greet the morning! Looking at this Beautiful flower, I am reminded just how much Our Lord loves us. When the Father created the world He thought of every single detail from our bodies to our souls...He gave us incredible beauty so we could enjoy a feast for the heart as well, tiny little details that complete the whole, and perfectly-without too much or too little. Have you ever noticed that when looking at the work of the Lord, that it is impossible to improve on? The delicate balance of subject and space in conjunction with color, and geometry is divine perfection. This Phalaenopsis Orchid is a wonderful lesson in design and color, but it also shows how a complimentary blend of opposites can create a masterpiece. I think that this is what you & I are friends... a complimentary blend of uniqueness. I wish for you a day of sunshine and flowers, a day of peace and comfort in these troubled times. And remember, you too are one of the Lord's masterpieces! Blessings~

February 16, 2009

~Cupcakes & Butterflies Newborn Baby Girl Ensemble~

~So Sweet Newborn Baby Gift Ensemble including Cupcakes & Butterflies Rag Quilt, Pastel Plaid Pillow with White Vintage Lace Ruffles, and Every Little Girls Dream~~A Pony!! The Perfect Baby Shower Gift for that Special Little Girl. Available on my Ebay site Now!

February 15, 2009

~There's Something About Pink~

~Pink Eye Candy~
~White and Pink Are So Lovely Together~

~Sweet Pink Chenille Adding Texture and Softness~

February 14, 2009

~~Happy Valentine's Day!~~

Happy Valentine's Day! As I was reading my devotion this morning, "Bedside Blessings" by C. Swindoll, I found a wonderful lesson that I would like to share with you. "Harmonious relationships are the result of hard work; they never "just happen." I don't know of anything that helps this process more than deep, honest, regular communication...that's not just talking, it's also listening. And not just listening, but also hearing. Not just hearing, but also responding, calmly and quietly."
I wish you a sweet, lovely Valentine's Day filled with kindness, and thoughtfulness, and....Chocolate!

February 10, 2009

~A Long Awaited Event~

Hello Friends, another late spring picture of my yard last year. I suppose that you can tell that I'm aching to get outside and play again! We have had three wonderful days, alas tomorrow will dip into the 30's again...But in the meantime, exciting things are happening! I've been working hard on getting my Lollishops site filled with yummy pillows and quilts and such just for you! Also I have found the most unique artist on Blog. Rebecca, is so dear, and her site is just beautiful! She is having a Re-Opening of her Gorgeous Website, "A Gathering Place" and you must stop by for an eyeful of the Most Beautiful Handcrafted creations by this master. You may follow this link to get there....you will be AMAZED!


Blessings Friends~

February 6, 2009

" Sunset Ruana~The Colors of Winter"

The inspiration for the colors of
the Ruana came from a photo I took of the
backyard on a Cold January night.
January is quite a long month here
in the Midwest. Cold, cold and more
cold......Waiting for signs of

Brrrrr! It was below 0 and stayed that way for so long. I grew so tired of white snow, dark bare trees, and I decided to turn bleak into beauty! The colors of the sunset in my picture above became the the colors of my Ruana. The spectrum of winter in the Midwest~I call it "Sunset Ruana."

This shawl is made from a Wonderful pattern in a book by Cheryl Oberle, titled, "Folk Shawls" There are the most beautiful shawls from around the world in this book. The Ruana has its roots in South America & Mexico. Thank You Ms. Oberle for a Lovely pattern!

February 5, 2009

~The Return of Minnie Pearl!~

I'm so excited today! I woke up, listened to the weather channel, and finally...at long last we are moving up out of the teens!! We're going to have a week in the 30's & 40's!!!! Hallelujah!! Honestly friends, it's coming not a minute to soon for me!! Yes, it is a very Thankful Thursday!!
Yesterday I went junking around at the Antique Center...of course I forgot to bring my camera..I wanted to take some pictures to share with you of the lovely displays from some of the local vendors. Drats! Well, next time! My memory just isn't what it used to be. Anyway, look at this little darling with the Minnie Pearl hat~! Isn't she Cute!!! She's got spaghetti on her hat, ears and legs. This Darling Bunnie is Available on Lollishops! Well, I hope you enjoy the weather in the warm spots, and in the cold spots...hey, I feel for you!! Blessings~

February 3, 2009

A Very Pink Good Morning to You!

Good Morning Friends! Today I'm off to my favorite place in Town....the Sterling Antique Mall! The mall is in a great big building which was constructed in the 1880's. There are 3 stories of individual shops, oh maybe 80 vendors or so. And I could just spend all day long inside. I fully intend to bring my camera along, and share this fun place with you tomorrow. I'm hoping to find some vintage lace or fabric, but you never know what I'll come home with! (smiles) It's very exciting! So, until tomorrow, I leave you with this Soft Pink Rag Wreath. I love tulle, old lace, ribbon, and vintage buttons all of which are included in this "Sweetie Pie" now offered on my Ebay site.

February 2, 2009

~A Little About Friendship~

When I wake up in the morning, my first thoughts are to thank the Lord for this new day, (this time of the year, I am also thanking Him for Spring which is around the corner...), the second thing that pops into my mind is my schedule: 1. Brush teeth 2. Get on the dreaded treadmill 3. Set out projects that need completing 4. Packages ready to post 5. List new items on Ebay & Lollishops, etc....
This morning in my daily devotional (which was supposed to be read last night!), I saw a sentence that leapt off of the page, you know the kind of lesson that is meant Just For You? It read, "God has not designed us to live like hermits in a cave." Wow!! I'm a hermit!! I really am! I wondered how many women like myself, with home-based businesses are home working in their shop day after day, (loving every minute of it), but perhaps missing a little something..Hmmmm. Companionship of the REAL kind!! :-) Not a computer, not a blog or a television set but real companionship? Ever on a schedule, I decided to think about that tomorrow, and finish a project today.
And as I put the finishing touches my latest rag quilt, I thought how beautiful the colors blend, how nicely the squares all fit together, their closeness creating the texture and dimension to the quilt. I contemplated how each and every square added a uniqueness to the whole piece. And then, my mind wandered back to the passage I read this morning....
"That is why... the body of Christ is so very important, for it is there that we are drawn together in love and mutual encouragement. We were meant to be part of one anothers lives." So today, I will wander out of my cave (smiles), shed the tattered sweatpants, run a brush through my hair, and revel in the friendships that make up the fabric of my life! Blessings~
(Bedside Blessings~Charles R. Swindoll)