June 10, 2009

~A Prairieland Sunrise~

This old bird's morning perch!!!

A Day late.....Good Morning Friends! Well as usual, I am a day late in posting my sunrise pictures...It has been so hazy here, that yesterday the pictures looked like soup! Had to wait until this morning to get some better pictures. Can you see the Red, White and Blue Chimes in the back? Our wonderful neighbor Bill (from our old house), made those for us. He also made the birdfeeder just to the left of the chimes. And of course...what home would be complete without a fire hydrant (hubbys yard art)!!! Hee hee! Men....you gotta love em'. I worked in the yard pulling weeds...alot of weeds! Mulched, and fell into bed exhausted! There were prairie gardens here, you can see the backyard by the chimes is a prairie garden. I'm not sure what that means..hubby says, "It means alot of weeds!" He's probably right although truly I'm not sure what is a flower, or what is a weed!! So, I've decided to redo the gardens (of course). I pulled most everything up, laid garden cloth to keep the weeds out, and replanted. Now I am off to the nursery to bring a little color into my garden!!

We were so delighted that the previous owners left the old wagon in the yard...I'm sure that they couldn't move it without breaking it apart. Another job!! My husband will restore it, he loves working on antiques, and soon it will be ready to weather a few more years.
I am going to fill my day with flowers and music......catch you on the flip side!!!


  1. I love the old buckboard wagon ... I am truly enjoying scanning back & forth on your pics, they are really great!

    I should post my birdfeeder(s), we love the entertainment we receive from the guests that visit them.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Your views are quite stunning. I've been keeping my eye out for a buckwagon wheel for one of my garden spots. They don't come cheap but I may get lucky one day.

  3. looks like you have a lovely house/yard area Sharon! looks like a lot of space to roam and plant; I bet Freeway likes it!!

    pretty sunrise!!

    enjoy your gardening day :)


  4. Sharon, what a great view from a splendid deck! I'm so jealous! LOL Looks like you have a wonderful big yard and are having fun planting new flowers.
    You deserve some rest time after that!
    Take care!

  5. Beautiful pictures... love your land scaping.