June 21, 2009

~Sun Hats, Short Sleeves, & Bug Spray!~

Yesterday Hubby & I woke up at 6:00am and by 8:00am we were in the garden! This garden had so many weeds that truly I couldn't what was a keeper and what should be pulled! Weeds had coiled around wildflowers choking them to limpness (oh those wicked weeds). We decided to clear out the entire garden and begin again! Hoeing, weed whacking, trimming, planting, we added a brick boarder, and mulch....unfortunately, the mulch man closed early and we couldn't finish our project. But it looks soooo much nicer already! I've moved some plants to here and amazingly they don't seem to have minded. It was almost 90 yesterday, and boy were we hot! Lots of sunscreen and gallons of water got us through. Also, my hubs has a wonderful sense of humor, and he keeps me laughing in spite of the heat, bugs and weeds!! What a joy! Blessings on this special Father's Day!!


  1. Sharon, it looks great! You sure know how to landscape. Super job!

  2. so many beautiful shades of green

  3. just gorgeous! I love the vastness of your area and the greenness (is that a word??)

    lots of hard work but the garden looks great; I would imagine sitting out there (is the bench an actual sitting one) would be a nice place in the early morning to do one's Bible reading

    great job to you and your hubby Sharon (and thanks for the prayers for son/girlfriend, I do believe the immediate crisis is over, will update my journal later tonight or tomorrow)