June 26, 2009

~The Fragrant Hoya~

I promised you a few days ago to post a picture of the hoya in full bloom! I have ten different blossoms on this lovely plant, you are looking at only one blossom. The Hoya is very fragrant, it is difficult to describe: sweet yet a little pungent. My entire home is filled with this soft, subtle aroma. I must have this plant in a place that it enjoys very much, because it just keeps blooming and blossoming! I have several different varieties of the Hoya, as I find it the most interesting plant. If you scroll down a couple of posts, you will see the flowers before they are actually in full bloom. They are hard and waxy. What a Blessing!
I would like to thank you for your prayers for Kent. His health is improving after undergoing dialysis. A miracle no doubt! Bless you friends~~


  1. thanking the Lord that Kent is doing better!!

    that was interesting about the Hoya; I don't know much about flowers/plants but this seems like one I'd like to know more about and perhaps get one for the house; the smell sounds like a delightful one

    enjoy your weekend Sharon


  2. Your flowers are beautiful and so unusual, I love them.