June 8, 2009

~Magnificent Splendor~

Just look at the colors in this stormy sky? It was quite a welcome to your new home event! The rain came down in sheets...literally. Thunder rolled and lightning lit up the entire sky! From our home, it is possible to see the storm coming from several miles to the west, then leaving us travelling several miles to the east. Outstanding! I guess you can tell...I love a storm! I was hoping however, that this wasn't a regular event. But now and then a strong storm is good for the soul. This photo was taken as it moved east after it had passed over us. Thankfully there were no tornadoes reported in our area.
I feel a little stormy myself, as if everything is whirling around me at a rapid speed. Buying a house, selling a house, moving in, boxes everywhere, (thankfully that part is over), and now I am taking a few days to work in my yard, leaving everything else to itself for the time being. The calm after the storm. It is so pretty here, everything is fresh and new...a blank canvass bordered by big old trees, and new trees as well. I am picking up my paintbrush and planning beautiful gardens in my mind. What a gift to be able to live in such splendor, what fortune, what favor! My hubby loves it here and Freeway (the dog) loves it here as well. What could be nicer? We are indeed blessed.
I was so busy weeding, digging and laying mulch that I forgot to take pictures today. I will do that tomorrow. I can sit on our back deck and watch the sun come up in the morning, sipping french vanilla coffee, as the light reflects on beads of early morning dew. Every little thing is a delight! Well, I'll see you in the morning with some pretty sunrise photos! Blessings~


  1. looking forward to the sunrise pictures, Sharon; loved this sky that you gave us tonight; that must have been an awesome storm

    I'm glad you are taking some time for you, and spending it outside planting, gardening, etc. I think after the stress of a move and all that it involves, sometimes we just need a few days to do something fun and not boxes or organizing, but something we enjoy. I hope you enjoy planning how you will plant (and paint) that new canvas you have to work on


  2. I, too, love a good storm.....we can watch them move up the valley from the SW....and the lightening on the mountain tops!!...whoa!!! be still my heart.....

    Can't wait for the pictures....


  3. Awesome pic. And now you are going to have such an enjoyable time creating a whole new landscape & interior ... what fun. TTFN ~Marydon