October 3, 2009

~In The Pink~

In honor of the dreary, cold Saturday we are having here in the Midwest...I decided to make a Pink Sunshine Rag Quilt! Cheerful, right?? It works for me! Hope your day is filled with Family, Friends & Cuddles.


  1. Good to hear about you embracing fall....i love fall and isn't cranberry in the "Pink family?"

    Also...love the quilt!!


  2. I can't imagine your day is that dreary with that lovely quilt to snuggle under - it is beautiful! Great Job!!

  3. that is beautiful Sharon!!! sunny but windy here; sorry it is gloomy there :(


  4. Pink is absolutely Fall - the blush side of windfall pears, those deep dirty pink heirloom tomatoes still left on the vine, the stalks of catnip near to the ground once their leaves start to yellow...

  5. Thanks...I needed that bit of Sunshine! =)

  6. Your quilts are magnificent. I love how you create these with fabric of tiny baby pink roses and a bit of chenille to frame each fabric piece. I was thinking about you this weekend. I have been designing fabrics and I sent for a Pink Santa fat quarter sample. I was thinking about what kinds of designs might go with this Santa. I wish you lived nearby, I would run over for a cup of coffee and a bit of fabric advice.

    I love your quilts Sharon.

  7. What a gorgeous quilt! I just love that look and especially love the pinks! Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!