October 14, 2009

A Little Color From Farm Country Iowa~

Good Morning! As part of my "learn to love fall" therapy, I tromped all over my little hilltop paradise looking for spectacular "Fall Color." Now I have been seeing blogs all over the web with the MOST Gorgeous fall photos. So off I went seeking splendor, with my trusty companion Freeway, hiking under dripping trees and through saturated bushes over damp muddy ground in 40 degree weather, trying my hardest to enjoy the great outdoors in fall! It just wasn't workin' for me.....So, back onto safer ground.. the tree is right in my front yard as is the sedum at the bottom, the other red bush is in my neighbor's yard. And frankly, I'm a mess, muddy from head to toe, cold and damp!! Perhaps I should stick to my front yard for awhile until I really get in the spirit of fall! For now, I will take a steaming hot bath, light my candles, and have a nice cup of hot tea. Actually fall IS rather nice...looking towards the outside from cuddly warmth of the inside!
Oh yes...did I mention that the wind is blowing 30 miles an hour?!
Ahhh yes...the Great Outdoors!!


  1. all beautiful pictures Sharon; I can just imagine you and Freeway out there tromping through the fields looking for fall, how cute!!

    wow, that is a lot of wind and cool temperatures! that will make the wind chill even cooler; stay all bundled up!


  2. Those photos are some great rewards!

  3. What gorgeous photographs of beautiful color. I love this time of year. Thirty miles an hour winds, Oh no...don't let the leaves fall off those lovely trees already.

    Have a lovely day.

  4. LOL... Fall is not my favorite season either. It's wet, but not that cold here... thank goodness.

  5. Your walk actually sounds super refreshing!!! But I'm sure it is pretty cold there as it is in Michigan! Enjoy your day!!! Hugs, Coralie

  6. Hehe... I can just picture you out there... hmmmmrfffff..... :)

    The other day I was feeling closed up in the house and TIlly was being overly rambunctious. I said, Lord give me strength and took her for a 2 mile walk. I just couldn't stand her hyper activity and I knew it was lack of work with her while I was under the weather.

    I loved the day. It was damp and cool and no sun to be seen for dreaming of california.... dank, dark and dismal.... and I.... I was happy as a maine clam!!


  7. Hello Sharon, so grateful I can be here for the first time... your blog is so inspiring and love the relationship you have with your dog... but most of all I LOVED your mom, what a great thing seeing her mowing in that little tractor!!!!
    Your quilts are awsome!!
    (excuse my english, please, I speak spanish)
    Muchos Cariños

  8. Oh Sharon, don't you just hate the wind? I can take anything the weather decides to dish out but wind. Your photos are beautiful and so I want to thank you for braving it and getting them for us all to enjoy.
    Thank you so much for the beautiful message you left me today. It is so cherished.

  9. That really is gorgeous fall color- worth venturing out into the cold weather for!