October 6, 2009

~Ordinary or Extraordinary?~

Seeing the beauty in the ordinary, that perhaps was once missed
In favor of, or rather because of our busy lives and crowded minds.
As I was reading my morning devotional I came across a beautiful poem written by Charlotte Adelsperger.
"God can paint rich hues
on the misty memories of my past.
He can shine a guiding ray
on my choices for the future.
But God's love reigns best
when he, in nearness, holds
this very moment in his hand."
Delight in the moment, cherish the past, and welcome the future.
Blessings Friends~


  1. that is such a beautiful poem Sharon! and I loved the pictures that accompanied it; I'm so grateful my life and future is in the hands of a loving Father :)


  2. beautiful thx for sharing

  3. Sharon, your photos are gorgeous and God certainly has painted you a lovely picture to enjoy. I'm thankful everyday for posts like this, that lift our spirits. Thank you for sharing today and thank you for your sweet comment today.