October 26, 2009

~A Nature Walk~

Today is such a Beautiful Fall day! The wind is barely blowing, and the sun is peeping out here and there. I decided to take a little walk and snap some photos. I started from my back porch. Just look at the colors of that tree! Isn't is marvelous? Then out to the front yard to chase Freeway...who was chasing squirrels! As I looked for the doggy I found these HUGE mushrooms! Wow! They are very interesting, no? Wonder if they are edible? Then across the road and down in the valley I spied some beautiful fall colors. The picture is rather faded but still very pretty.
This morning I went to the college and filed my intent to graduate!! In May, my long...long quest for the education I failed to pursue in my youth will be realized! It felt so good to walk out of the buildings and know that my time spent inside those once, so intimidating walls is almost over. I recalled the first day that I attended a class...I had been out of school for 25 years or so. I didn't know where I was going, and I didn't know anyone. I made it to my class...so far so good...then, as soon as it was over, while waiting for my next class to begin...I went outside, sat in my car and just cried!! (smiling) I don't know why I was so overcome with emotion right then...probably overwhelmed, nervous, and scared. I almost drove away..I really did. I remember looking around and being so self conscious that I was the oldest person in the class! Ha! It didn't take long to feel at ease, and like I belonged there. So...hurry up, but take your time getting here May!
As I walked along the gravel road on my nature walk this morning I had a chance to thank the Lord for all of the blessings in my life...the wonderful family & Darling hubby that I love so so much, being able to complete school, to live in such peace and tranquility here on my little hilltop retreat. I even thanked God that I was able to take the walk and thankful that my shoes and pants were covered in mud from stepping in a hole as I breathed in the beauty around me. Thankful that little by little this condo queen is becoming a little more outdoorsy and comfortable with that.
Blessings All~


  1. I love your blog.. it makes me smile in a warm, cosy, contented way. I think it is your peace with the world that makes me feel peaceful too, plus your beautiful photographs.
    Have a good day Sharon x

  2. Hello Sharon, so good you graduated, how wonderful (can I know what you graduated from?) I know what if feels to accomplish something and I´m so happy for you. You have taken wonderful shots in your walk, and that red tree in your backyard is amazing, as well as that big mushromm!!! I would like to thank you for being so grateful for your life because it reminds me how grateful I am too.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  3. Sharon, awesome that you will be graduating come May!! good for you and WAY TO GO!! I'm glad you kept pursuing that until it became a reality!

    I am certain you did enjoy your nature walk today, Freeway and all! I'm clueless about those mushrooms; my grandfather could tell the difference in mushrooms, I know it is important to make sure one does know the difference :)

    (I changed my signature line/picture for commenting on blogs; didn't want you to be confused with who is coming to pay a visit on your blog :)