October 13, 2009

Show & Tail~The Sun's Up...Don't Wake Me!

Ugh! Not Again With the Camera!!!
Sun's Up~Rise and Shine!

Oh Yea, It's a Great Day! Now...Let Me Back In~

Time for a Morning Nap!!
Believe it or not...there is a beautiful brand new dog bed at the foot of my bed. Won't use it!! Maybe if I put a pillow on it?? She seems to need a Pillow! Eureka! Off to the Laundromant for the quilt sized machines!!
It's a dogs life!
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  1. That pet bed looks so COMFY and COZY! It's wonderful to be a cherished pet in 2009!

  2. Max has to have his pillow, blankie and one or two toys...Mia doesn't care as long as she's under the covers!!!....Yep....for the life of a loved dog or cat...nap till you drop!!


  3. Hey Sharon!

    Thanks for joining in again this week!

    Looks like Freeway needs a pillow of her own! lol She looks like she would be a bed hog! hehehe

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  4. so neat you played Angela's Show and Tail this week, Sharon! what a funny story with Freeway! I can soooo relate to the part of having their own bed but loving being on your bed :)

    Freeway looks good on it too!


  5. The bed smells like you! You can't blame cute Freeway from wanting to sleep next to her mommy.

  6. Oh what a sweet happy dog this one is! Mine love to be comfy too and my husband has practically given up his Lazyboy leather chair just for little Bonnie Lass. She is such a little con-artist! Love those pooches and their antics!!!

  7. Hi Sharon ~~ We all like a comfy bed so your Freeway is no different.

    Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed the Texted 10
    Commandments. We are promised a few warmer days this week which will be good. Bless you Sharon, Love, Merle.