October 8, 2009

~WHAT THE......??

Bark! Bark bark!! Bark! GRRRRRRRR! Bark! Bark bark!! That's how I woke up this morning! "Freeway Shhhhh!" Bark...bark....bark bark.
So I get up and this is what I see out the front window! Now you might be thinking, not unusual, my dog would bark at horses too...right? Well, Freeway has been around these very same horses, for 7 or 8 months now, sees them on a daily basis with their riders and never once has barked at them, so what's different?? Nobody is riding them!!!! Yes, I do believe that when Freeway sees the horses everyday as they are being ridden right in front of the house, she thinks they are weird cars or something! She just stands there and watches them go by, very calmly, no big deal, the rider says hi to her, and she wags her tail. But put them out to pasture with no rider...and she goes Berserk!!!! Put a rider on them; she's fine with that. I just think that is the funniest thing! I am just doubled over with delight! I love that ol' dog!


  1. That's the way my two are about the deer......they bark like crazy until the deer get into the yard....then everything is AOK....

    Great pictures....LindaMay

  2. how cute!! Freeway likes the routine and this was definitely not the routine for her :)

    what a way to begin the day though :)


  3. That's so adorable! I could use an alarm clock like that.

  4. I think you are right! Gotta love the dog 'ums!

  5. Hi Sharon,
    You came to my blog and was wondering if you could use the quote about harmony and happiness. Just wanted to let you know I wouldn't mind at all! It's a good one for all of us to remember :)
    thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Hey Sharon!

    Thanks for joining in on Tuesdays' Show & Tell! I just happened to be scrolling down my blog and see that you had linked up. I'm glad I was looking because I needed a good laugh! lol Freeway sure does look like he is protecting his domain! Just look at how the hair is standing up on his back! lol That is such a funny story about him and the horses. It's funny how dogs can get about things that are different. Hope you can join us next Tuesday too!


  7. LOL... that is just too funny!!!

  8. Roy Rogers...now that brings back memories. Your dog is probably worried about the, thinking that they have escaped. Such a lovely view.


  9. What beautiful horses, and a great watch dog. Love his name "Freeway".

  10. That's hysterical! I just love how dogs respond to different experiences! My two shelties keep me in stitches most of every day...it's a wonder I get anything accomplished! Don't you just love them! Have a wonderful day, Sharon!

  11. come over to my blog I have an award for you!