September 26, 2009

Welcoming Fall~A New Tradition/An Old Favorite~

Wow! It's been a long time! Wishing you a delightful Fall season filled with the beautiful colors
of nature, warm apple cider, & cozy slippers (pink of course). Have fun switching out and changing up to bring these colors indoors as well. My wonderful hubby will leave for meetings on Sunday, and by the time he walks through the door next week, he will think he is in the wrong house!
Traditionally fall has never been my favorite time of year, as it was always the end of something wonderful~~SUMMER!! But this year I have decided to embrace every season as it comes! Yes, it's time to turn a new golden leaf. I have been creating yard-long quilted tablerunners with deep cranberry, browns and yellows, and even orange, (a far cry from pink) and have enjoyed every minute of it. For this post an old favorite, "September Song" sung beautifully by the great Sarah Vaughn.
Also, I have been taking care of yearly check-ups before the weather comes...all good news, thank the Good Lord. I do need to lose some weight so the treadmill is my new friend, and I'm even discovering that although it was a challenge to actually get myself motivated, once I did it has become easier to do it as exercise makes me conscience of so many other areas of my health. I find that I chose healthier foods when I exercise, sinus' are clearer (even with a cornfield drying in the backyard!), and my goodness I am even losing a little weight!!
Of course I can't feel my ribs for the rolls yet!, but I'm working on it (smile).
One more thing I wanted to share with you....
My mom called last week, and told me about a wonderful skin cream. I have a slight skin condition, Keratosis Pilaris, and have spent a small fortune on creams and lotions, perscriptions, to help with itching, to no avail. Well, I have been putting this lotion on for 3 days and I'm telling you it's FABULOUS! This lotion has gotten rid of the itching and burning that has bugged me for 3 years! Those little bumps on my arms and back are disappearing! I have a few small skin tags on my neck which are now barely noticible, and are so tiny, they can hardly be felt!! Let me tell you, I am so excited! So I had to share this bit of wonderful news with you, in case you might also be experiencing some kind of skin issues. Thanks MOM!! The product is AMLACTIN, and I purchased it at Hyvee, but I have seen it at Walgreens as well. I must also include a disclaimer that I have no financial interest or any other interest in this product. I just wanted to share with you a wonderful product. I also found their website as I was trying to find out where to buy it, and the company offers printable coupons on the site for two and five dollars. So...if your skin feels itchy, creepy crawly, burning, dry...Bleck...have a go at this lotion!
Blessings Friends!


  1. Wow! So glad that lotion is working so well for you!

    I just happened upon your sweet blog and have signed on as a follower. Come visit me and enter my GIVEAWAY, TOO!

  2. Sharon, so good to read an entry from you; I hope you had a nice visit with your mom (I know you had a great time)

    WTG on the exercising and the weight loss!! your bones will appreciate it and you'll be slim and trim before you know it :)

    I have heard of that lotion but didn't know how effective it was; I'll have to check it out; thanks for the recommendation


  3. Welcome back,I am also glad to see your post. I may try a bit of that lotion as I have a few issues myself with skin itching, etc. I think you will find great pleasure in greeting the seasons as they come. I have done the same in recent years and now do not feel as depressed that winter is coming.
    Jim and I are trying to loose weight also, so good luck to all of us struggling to get healthy and to be able to bend over to tie our shoes...hehe.