October 5, 2009

~Hee-Haw!! Look At Her Go!! Ride Em' Cowgirl!~

Look at her go!!

Do you remember when my mom visited? Well, we had such a wonderful time together, lots of laughter and fun...we even did some crafts together! Lunches, shopping, and exploring. Well, the day to mow the lawn came, and mom asked what she could do to help...I have some old metal chairs that I have repainted, and then painted a little country vignette on each one. I mentioned that she might like to paint some stars on one of the pieces. And she did...
I got on the mower and began to mow..around and around...on about the 3rd time around as I passed my mom on the deck, I stopped and asked if she would like to get on and mow for awhile. Whoo Hoo!! She loved it!! Isn't she adorable? She mowed for about an hour (with me running around behind her taking pictures). At 81, I was concerned that perhaps she might be sore the next day, so I took over to give her a break.....15 minutes later, she's back out and ready to mow again!!
The next day...I had trouble getting out of bed, as my legs were so sore from running after the mower for photos...my mom felt WONDERFUL! She said she'd much rather mow than sit there and paint! Here's my question....when did my mom become YOUNGER than I am??


  1. LOL, Coralie! They are amazing aren't they ...81 going on 18 ... chuckle!

    Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. lol...hey...you did pretty good...remember you were the one running!!! love the pics...the chair is adorable...and thx for the comment...yes, I agree BLESS our hubby's!!


  3. Sharon.. thank you for the post.. I am glad you had those great moments with your mom.. My mom is also 81. She has always been able to work around me. Mom has been in and out of the hospital all summer.. I think she went down hill over night. You will be very happy to look over the pictures and laugh about the time. Everyone should take pictures of days like that..
    ybwf... (Your blog watching friend)

  4. so cute Sharon!!! I'm glad your mom was willing to try something new too!!! that's how we keep young, right??


  5. I needed a good giggle today.....my Mom can work circles around me, too!!


  6. Oh Sharon that's a wonderful post, we always think we have to protect our parents and what we need to do is not worry so much and let em ride!!! They know there limits and God Bless her she's tired of sitting and painting on the side lines. Our parents would rather be useful then just sitting because society says your suppose to sit in that rocking chair and realaxing. She's just like my father, he loves life and there's no time for sitting cause it would kill him. So that's why at 75 yrs. young he is building my house. He has two titanium hips and one is going out (time for a replacement)and still he won't stop. We call him the "bionic man" & "the energizer bunny" he just keeps going and going. Aren't we blessed with such terrific parents!! By the way my house will be ready to move into December 1st and I'm so excited. Blessings to you and your Mom

  7. Dear Sharon ~~ Your Mom is marvellous
    and very fit for her age. I think she
    enjoys life and it has kept her young. I am so happy you shared that lovely time with her.
    Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog, glad you enjoy it.
    Love and Hugs, Merle.

  8. Looks like she had fun! How cute! My mom is in better shape than I am too. ;)