October 12, 2009

~Cold Weather & A Cozy New Quilt!~

Hap-py Monday Mornin' Friends!! Time for a new quilt...and I may keep this one! I just love Cyrus Clark fabrics, and these particular (3 top ones) are my absolute favorites! Because they are discontinued (darn) I think I should keep it. It's so cheerful and bright and those colors are just so appealing! I will post the finished product for you to see. I am actually running on no sleep, (every once in a while that happens), & 3 cups of coffee...better go use up my energy on the treadmill while it lasts! Blessings~


  1. These patterns look so lovely together. You are so good at picking out coordinating fabrics. I am still learning, but I love the idea of creating a fabric pattern with roses of course.

    I was up late going through my swatches and listing fabrics on Spoonflower for sale, and then deleting the fabrics that didn't print the way I wanted them to. Its a long process, but through trial and error, I am beginning to know what looks best.

    So now I will be sending for more swatches. Thanks for being an inspiration Sharon.


  2. I'd be whacked on ONE cup of java.
    Love the fabrics, they blend beautifully.

    Have a wonderful crisp autumn day. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. the fabric beautiful...hope you get some rest SOOON!!! lol
    take care

  4. Keep it!?....of course keep it...fabric is beautiful and will make a great "Spring Time" quilt to display......


  5. beautiful fabric! I think I would keep the quilt made from it!

    sorry about the no sleep; I've had nights like that, no fun at all, even sometimes with caffeine it is hard to get going...WTG though for getting on the treadmill!


  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh pretty! Love that fabric!!!!


  7. Beautiful fabrics - love them! Also LOVE Freeway AND your Mom!!!