November 1, 2009

~See Ya Next Year!"~

I was up early this morning before the sun came up waiting patiently for yet another glorious sunrise to share with you..well, I got busy with morning chores and missed the red sky as the sun rose. I got to the back porch just as the clouds opened up just a bit, allowing the sun to shine through. What beautiful color! Instead of reds and oranges...blues, and purples, pinks and yellows. Stunning!
Look at the branches of the little tree, all barren and ready for winter! A few tiny leaves hanging on, not ready to go, waiting for a gust of wind to send them on their journey into the fields beyond. Yesterday was a very windy day, and the leaves from the trees were thick and blowing in swirls then up into the sky, they seem to be saying, "See ya next year!"
Time to get out the ol' rake and mower for the last time this year, and in their place, the shovel and snow blower....I feel like the tiny leaves left on the tree..I know it's comin' and I'll be ready, but I'm just not ready to let go!


  1. I liked this entry Sharon; I bet it will be sad to see those last few leaves leaving. But just think how interesting it will be to discover what lies ahead in your new place with winter and what sights you will see from your backyard and front area! beautiful sunrise :)


  2. I am glad I got out to take pictures of fall colors befor the cold and wind set in this past week end.. The harvest moon was beautiful over the week end.

  3. From the blog title I thought you might be going on holiday! The odd thing is that I am looking for new buds and new flowers on the trees.

  4. Beautiful...
    thx for sharing!

  5. Hi Sharon,
    It is bittersweet to say goodbye and see the trees bare. It is comforting to know that the leaves will be back next spring. I'm not looking forward to the snow shoveling.
    Your morning sky photo is gorgeous!

  6. Hello Sharon, how nice to see sunrises and how early you got up to see it... of course it is worth doing it!!! I have done it few times, last one was in India to see my first sunrise in the ocean, Bahía de Bengala, it was wonderful!!... here in Chile sun sets by the Pacific ocean.
    María Cecilia