November 20, 2009


I have been working on this wreath, I found these marvelous flowers a few years ago in a shop in Illinois. I have been trying to make a wreath that would be as spectacular as the flowers....and I am stumped! Help me Rhonda!! You know, how you know that something"s not right? Some thing is missing, or perhaps the balance is not right...but I am just blank. Then I got the best idea! I'll ask my blogging friends, because of course you are the most talented people I have ever met. So, what does it need? A bow? Something....Hmmmmm! Thank you so much!



  1. to me, Sharon, it looks nice just the way it is but I'm not as talented creatively like some of your other readers. I like simple things too, not lots of clutter if that makes sense

    I think it is gorgeous!


  2. Hi Sharon,
    Those flowers are gorgeous. I love the wreath! If I did anything more to it, I would probably use another rich color for an accent, like maybe a burgundy red or deep plum. Do you have access to pepper berries? That would be a pretty addition. But it is lovely just the way it is.

  3. I think it looks great just the way it is! I like June's idea too with the red berries or maybe burgundy bow. Well done! Make any stands yet?????

  4. Beautiful. I think June has it with a burgundy or even eggplant tie with gold on the very outside edges of the ribbon.... Try laying different items right on top, close your eyes, then open them quick. Where your eyes fall is what it needs!! Hugs to you and thank you for entering my *GIVEAWAY* Hugs. Tammy

  5. Just an idea but my sister's friend made her a beautiful wreath and wound long (faux, not real!) pearls around it to finish it off and it looks great! She's had it for many years and never gets tire of it. Still...your wreath looks beautiful the way it is! Great job! Hugs, Coralie

  6. I think it looks beautiful just the way it is! I don't know how you feel about feathers but there are some very pretty multi-dimensional feathers that have very rich colors in them...

    Jennifer :)

  7. Consider some soft, visually light filler, such as a fake fern (the very tiny kind) to fill in the areas. There are a lot of hard lines that pull from the lovely flowers.
    Bringing out the burgundy (or whatever shade of red it is) will help too, with just a few touches....maybe a small fake bird in the upper part.
    It just needs a bit more organic feel and you'll be *right there*!


  8. Too funny!!! Wanted to stop by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you celebrate in a way your heart desires! Judi