November 13, 2009

~In the Morning....

"Light is sweet,
And it pleases the eyes to see the sun.
However many years a man may live,
Let him enjoy them all."
Ecclesiastes 11:7-8
What a glorious sunrise this morning! How Thankful I am that I did not miss it!
Sometimes the greatest joys are found in the peaceful stillness of a quiet heart.
May you find your greatest joy this day!


  1. Good morning dear Sharon, thank you so much for this so beautiful and peaceful sunrise... it´s a wonderful picture.
    Many hugs to you, and have a wonderful weekend.
    María Cecilia

  2. Oh, Sharon, I so feel the peace of this post! Thanks for your visit today and have a beautiful Friday!

  3. G'morning Sharon! I very loudly, if I must, demand my peace and quiet. My mind is constantly in a churning bin and I mmust find my center. Hubs knew this about me and has adapted well to it. He himself now realizes he has to quiet his anxiec self. There is something so heavenly about sitting with a cup of tea or glass of water (or hot cocoa)and just taking in the moment for all of it's glory. At least 15 minutes at a time. :) Beautiful photo, just breath taking. Hugs to you today. Tammy

  4. What a wonderful picture and verse to go with it! I'm so glad you cherish these moments... I do too.

    Jennifer :)

  5. such a beautiful sunrise! love the Scripture verse you chose for it, so appropriate :)

    blessings to you too Sharon


  6. What a beautiful picture of your sunrise this morning. It is definitely the little everyday things that bring us the most.

  7. Dear Sharon ~~ I love the photo and it does seem so peaceful & quiet.
    Thank you for sharing it.
    Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed reading today.
    The drunk driver story was very sad
    and it happens too often. Glad you liked the flowers and the fence. I
    hhave a regular fence, but put up the thatch-work to train things to climb up on and to keep them away from the fence, when it is hot.
    Take great care, my friend,
    Love and Hugs, Merle.