November 14, 2009

~Christmas Gifts & Corn Rows!~

Yes, I know this is a weird combo here! But I couldn't wait to show you the new pillow I made....and I couldn't resist this photo of the harvested cornfield! I just love it! Since I am a geometrically challenged person....this field really appeals to me. I am attracted to the bumpy, wavy, straightness (is that a word?) of it. As I watched the farmer go up, then down, then up, down again...I secretly wondered if he took sea sick pills before he began. As for me....well I found myself hanging on to the porch rail for support!! Have a Wonderful Weekend!!


  1. Love the pillow and the pictures of the corn field.....yep!...made me dizzy, too!! Beautiful....


  2. Ms. Sharon that is just beautiful!! I like it very much. How is it going for you making the pictures on printer? Your pillow is lovely. Tammy

  3. Hi dear Sharon, a very beautiful pillow you made, very special the combination of fabrics, very unique.
    Love the pictures of the corn fields... do you have better views now???
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  4. I love your view Sharon! It's so open and I love that. Looks like home to me. You live a gorgeous place.
    Your pillow is so pretty and looks like Christmas. I'm busy making pillows today too...not nearly as pretty as this, but they won't be as Summery as the ones on the sofa now.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  5. awesome the pillow...I think you'll need to use it after the farmer made you dizzy!!!

  6. that pillow is sooo cute, Sharon! love the harvested cornfield; I bet the farmer is sooo happy to see that work completed