November 1, 2009

~It's A Harvest Moon!~The Farmers Are Working!

Did you see that moon last night? Oh my goodness but it was spectacular! A harvest moon! The farmers here are working on the cornfields now having already combined the beans. They work from sun up to sun down! They are getting closer to my house!! Our house is situated right smack dab on top of a hill, the back-back yard borders up against a cornfield. During the late fall and through winter and spring, the view from the back is far reaching and just beautiful! But in the summer, we are afforded a bit more privacy with the tall corn stalks. I love the change, and the view...and the corn. We have deer in our yard often-they like the corn too! Many times as I drive down the hill, I have to stop the truck and let the deer pass. How beautiful they are! I enjoy the fawns with their big eyes and white spots. I have my camera ready to snap some photos...I keep missing them..darn! My husband calls me the "deer stalker" as I am forever trying to get photos of them!! They're slippery though--one false move and they're gone like a shot! I am not the most graceful gal my haste to "capture the moment" I usually trip over the rugs, or spill the dog's water...It's not easy being a paparazzi!! Happy Monday!


  1. Hello Sharon, how beautiful where you live!!! so, so pretty. How wonderful to have deers around, do they eat your flowers and fruits?? I have so many rabbits around that eat everything!!
    Spectacular moon.
    María Cecilia

  2. What a beautiful area you live in! I hope you catch a photo of your deer soon. :)

  3. I love this time of the year!! They are starting to harvest the Christmas trees in my area.....the count-down is on!!


  4. that was a cool moon :)

    it must be fun to see the farmers working and to hear them; I would enjoy the deer that close too; who knows, one day you might get a picture of those elusive ones :)


  5. Your home sounds like the very place my hubs and I are hoping to one day be. Well not YOUR home but the feelings you share of your home, we want that for our place out of the city. This may never come, only God knows, so we are sooo very grateful to have our little cottage. But one day, if it's to be, I want to feel the way you describe your home. Awesome!! Hugs. Tammy