November 27, 2009

~Christmas Magic~

The Sparkling Artist~Sweet Mom~

I look forward each year to decorating for Christmas, and I love the holiday feel in my home. I welcome each item as it is removed from the box, where its been carefully stored over the year. Every piece holds a sweet memory of a time, a place and a person. I delight in the memories of people and places that have colored my life with the Spirit of Christmas. I have decided to share some of those memories and people in a few posts during this holiday season.

I treasure Christmas tree ornaments, and the most special and spectacular ornaments are the ones that my mom made in the 1970's & 1980's. They are each so beautiful and so unique! What a joy to see her creative spirit in every bead and bauble. Every one is a labor of love. Aren't they fabulous? The remind me of miniature Faberge eggs! My mom has an eye for beauty...and she is beautiful!

Shimmering Gold

Christmas Stocking Filled with Gifts!

Keep the Lamp on for Santa!

Wintry Jeweled Vignette

Icy Robin's Egg Blue with Leaping Deer
I will add more of her marvelous creations during the Holiday Season...You will be amazed!
Blessings Friends~


  1. Dangit. All my ornaments are colored glass balls from Target and now I feel ridiculously inadequate.

    Love all your pretties! Especially your mom!

  2. What breathtaking ornaments ... I just found one last box of Mother's ornaments, I thought I had given them all away. They sure brought tears & warmed my heart.

    Hope your T'day was warm, beautiful & blessed. I so appreciate you. TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Oh I adore your little ornaments, how clever they are. Glad to hear you will try my simple jello recipe. Things are looking good with the house were building, we just might make it in at Christmas time. I cleaned all day today because carpet should be in by Wednesday. I hope you had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for here. Thanks for all your kind encouragements I really do appreciate it. God bless, Pearl

  4. I already am gorgeous!!! You are so blessed to be able to have these on your tree.

  5. your mother is such a beautiful classy woman Sharon :)

    I loved the ornaments she made for you! my mom made lots of similar ones like that in the late 1970s and 1980s too :)

    so neat you are enjoying this time of year :)


  6. What wonderful treasures you have there and your mom is a real treasure too! How beautiful she looks in her sparkly dress!!

  7. I agree a lovely woman and lovely ornaments. They are beautiful. What wonderful Christmas memories!