November 17, 2009

~Antiquing in Iowa!~

Welcome to Marshalltown Antiques! This is Monica, the lady who runs this enormous Store! In addition to being able to take you to exactly what you are looking for..she is a wealth of information about the history of Marshalltown and just the Sweetest Lady! (The ruby glass pitcher, and king size chenille bedspread are my treasures!) Notice the tin tiles cascading down the walls of the staircase.
This is a picture of the ceiling-notice the tin tiles! The tiles cover the ceiling and then extend about 4 feet down the sides of the walls. Beautiful! The building is 111 years old. It was a merchantile store.

Pretty hanging lamps were everywhere! This is the kind of shop that you have to look up down and sideways to take in's pretty near impossible to see it all at one single visit.

There were linens for days!! Boxes and boxes and rows upon rows, of Beautiful linens, lace and feedsacks.

This is but ONE of the many salt & pepper cabinets. Cute Cute!!

This antique store is inside of a huge building that is a block long. It has 5 Stories. Only 2 stories are antiques though...but that's enough! It would take hours to see everything!

Beautiful Cabinet-there are two of these matching! Can you see the carved angels on top? The only difference between them are the poses of the angels on top. (the other one is to the right)

I had such fun in this wonderful store...didn't even see half of it and I spent 3 hours there! Everything in the store is on consignment, down to the smallest item. I was fascinated that they could keep track of every item like that! My head was spinning like a top contemplating the paperwork involved!


  1. I'm in love with your red pitcher....and I could have spent 3 hrs inside too!!!

    thx for sharing

  2. Good morning Sharon, what a great time you must have had at that wonderful shop, and everything for consignment (en consignación?)... we don´t have much of those kind of shops here. Your red pitcher is fab!!
    Please try to write to me at the comments option because I almost never go to my mail and today I´ve found many mails from you and I´m grateful for your so lovely words.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  3. My gosh Sharon the angel cabinet is beautiful! What a place! I'd still be sifting through the linens I'm sure. It looks like it would take me three hours just to do that.

  4. wow; looks like a great store! I'm amazed too with the consignment aspect of it and how they must have things so organized to keep everything straight

    my sister-in-law and her mother love antiques; they would be in that store for days I do believe

    thanks for sharing Sharon


  5. This is a great store ! I purchased a side chair there several years ago and refinished/re-upholstered it. Turned out great !

  6. It would be an adventure to go through a shop like that for sure. Glad you found a few things for your self. I love to do things like that. I've always said if I ever refurnished my house it would be with antiques. Well most of my things are anyway...old that is.

  7. Hi Sharon!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Casa Hice and subscribing as a Follower! Wow! I'm so honored and flattered. So, I'm here to return the favor.

    Hope to see you at Casa Hice again soon... I'll leave the door open for you!


    PS: What a gorgeous blog you have. Looking forward to getting better acquainted with it and you!

  8. Is that feedsacks on that shelf? Oy! I'd have gone bonkers there, love that light.

    TTFN ~Marydon

  9. Oh my gosh Sharon...that's my kind of much beautiful stuff there I would be there for days looking!
    I love the red pitcher..
    Julia ♥