November 16, 2009


As I prepare for the Holidays, my studio is awash with fabrics, patterns, and a sea magazine clippings of beautiful things that I have painstakingly chosen to re-create for my family and friends for Christmas gifts. I've gotten my grocery lists completed, and my Christmas card list laying out ready to go. The cards of course, were purchased last year at the after Christmas sale. I do this each year, and each year I am so happy with the results, but not necessarily the means in which I chose to take to get the results. See....I'm a bit of a perfectionist...need I say more?? It drives me CrAzY!!
Today I was reading my morning devotional which teaches me new things as well as reminding me of other things I have forgotten. As my brain chooses to suck in and hold trivia like a Hoover Vacuum cleaner, you can clearly see why a Daily devotional is perfect for me. Back to perfection...I read this today and thought I would share it with you. It is from "Soul Retreats for Women."
"Do I strive for perfection in my life?" Perhaps you don't strive for perfection all the time, but are there some areas of your life where you feel that you are not quite good enough? Where you just don't measure up to what you "should" be? Do you keep trying harder to be a better woman but your efforts never seem to be good enough? Does it seem that somebody keeps moving the mark on the measuring stick a few notches higher? (Now...who could that be?)
Striving for perfection is an impossible quest; perfection is a myth and forever out of reach. Aim for excellence, instead. Excellence has nothing to do with outward appearances or with what you accomplish or with what you possess. Excellence depends solely on what you are from God's perspective-and God doesn't focus on your flaws.
When you seek God's ideal, you will throw away your measuring stick. You don't need one that marks success and quality of life by the world's standards. Christ requires only simplicity of heart."
Whew!! What a blessing to read this...before I start spinning in circles!
Simplicity--what a beautiful word.

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