November 28, 2009

~Honey...Put It On Your List~

I may be a little weird here....but often times I ponder the differences between men and women. Do you ever do that? Take for instance last night...I am bringing the dog in from subzero temperatures, my nose frozen and burning, and underneath my 10 lb. winter coat I'm soaking wet from a hot flash! My hubby walks around the corner sporting a, "dire look" on his face. He says very seriously, "Honey, we're out of toilet paper...put it on your list." In my present state of menopause, with the hot flashes, mood swings, memory issues and facial hair, I naturally assume that I may have forgotten the toilet paper at the store. But then I remember just this week picking up a huge package at the store. "Aahhh yes, I remember it well." So I investigated....this is what I found!

Just in Case!
Ready to Roll!
Aahhh..the supply...
I patiently explain to my ever-lovin' that there is more "toilet paper in this house than we would need in a year!" Yes yes, he knows all about that. But the SUPPLY closet is empty!! Uh yes...the supply closet.....

The good thing is that he tells me these things...the bad thing is that he tells me these things.
Just pondering..........


  1. What is it with men and TP!!??The two males in my house go into a panic over the amount of TP in the house!! It sometimes involves an ER trip to Wal*Mart....lucky to have a 24/7 store near by.....I hide 2 twelve packs in the closet under the stairs....just to keep'm guessing...he...he..he!!


  2. That's so funny ~ I laughed outloud when I saw the picture of the roll sittin' in plain view on top of the tank ... Judi

  3. I really think they are wired differently than us women. As frantic as they get, you would think they'd want to be the ones that buys and maintains the supply!

  4. THis is just a typical case of why women really are superior to men... we think!! :0)

    Too funny Sharon!

  5. LOL - That is so funny! You should take your show on the road! Thanks for the chuckle! And, yes, the poor souls are different...that is why they had to have a helper and God made us!

  6. Oh, I already made a comment and then had to open an account and now it's gone. I am such a techno-whiz!!!

    I loved this, so funny! And I loved the beautiful picture of "mom" and the ornaments. I love that you are so sentimental!

  7. That is too funny. I hope you had a good laugh. What else could you do in a situation like that one!

  8. Ahhhhh, men and toilet paper....not a good combination. HA! They also don't know how to move things to see what's behind it or open a cabinet. It's so much fun living with 3 men!!! LOL

  9. lol...thx for the pics...too funny!

  10. My DH can look but not see!
    Right under his nose and he still would not see it...Now how could you miss that much toilet funny!!
    Julia ♥

  11. LOL! I think you guys are well stocked for the winter :)


  12. LOL totally male!
    Hope you had a nice Turkey day!

  13. Dear Sharon ~~ There is not a man alive who knows where toilet paper is kept, and how to put a new roll on
    Apparently that is our job. I also like to stash a few extra rolls, in case I forget to get some.
    Whatever you do, don't read jokes with coffee etc in your hand as
    accidents can and do happen. I found
    the Supplies one very funny too.
    I am glad you start your day that way. Take care, my friend.
    Love, Merle,

  14. Oh Sharon...this is just too funny! Love it! Have a sweet day! Hugs, Coralie