July 1, 2009

~Sweet English Lavender~

Good Morning! I planted some English Lavender yesterday in my garden yesterday. I just love lavender, and the plants at my other home were just getting big and spreading out. I don't know why I didn't take cuttings from the other plants....I took alot of cuttings, but no lavender! I love the lacey, twisting look of this most fragrant flower.
Also, we live across the road from a horse farm..and I have begun to notice flies in the yard on the warm days. I'm not fond of insecticides and am always trying natural ways of deterring the pests. I read on the internet that having sweet basil planted by the doorways will keep the flies away, well....let me tell you, I was on it! I have little pots of sweet basil at each threshold coming into the house, and it works!! What a blessing! It seemed that everytime I opened the door a fly would zoom in! Now, however, I haven't seen one in days!! Thank you Lord for sweet basil! I have several old metal chairs from the 50's that sit on the porch. It was time to paint again, and I thought I would wait until we were settled in at our new home before deciding on a color! Poor old things...probably the only thing holding them upright is the layers of paint! So that is my goal today... scrape and paint the chairs. It is cool today and there is a whisper of wind..Perfect! I'm off....Blessings Friends~


  1. What a lovely gift on the previous post.

    I do not believe in Green Fingers b y the way. It is all down to hard work, committment, trial and error and finding what works in your part of the world. Also reading gardening magazines and watching gardening tv programmes in the early days.

    Lavender: When the flowers have faded cut all stems off at base of stem. In the Spring trim whole shrub back but DO NOT CUT INTO THE OLD WOOD. If this is not done then the Lavender becomes very straggly.

  2. now that is interesting about the sweet basil, Sharon. I'll have to remember that if we get overrun with flies. It is amazing how the Lord provided for everything, isn't it??

    have fun painting; sounds like a great Wednesday project


  3. our neighbour is a farmer and the cows are often in the next door field, so we tend to get lots of flies too... grrr! love the cows - hate the flies! anyway, someone told me to try rubbing lavender oil around the inside of window frames to deter them... will try some sweet basil now too!! x

  4. Hadn't heard of that hint before. Have to give it a try .... TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Love lavendar!...I will try the basil idea..thx...I gave you an award stop by my blog to snag it...

  6. Oh, I love lavender everything. Lavender cake, bubble bath and seeing a bouquet of fresh lavender in my kitchen.

    Happy 4th of July.