July 28, 2009

~Just Take a Pill!~

Happy Tuesday Friends~I'm on a rant, so please indulge me...I am outraged that drug companies' can push their drugs on national television, buying expensive ad time while getting grants from the government, (aka you and I) to develope these drugs. What in BLAZES is going on??? It makes me furious that these ads tell you to, "Ask your doctor if this drug is right for you." WHAT??? Isn't that a little backwards...or upside down? Now we should ask our Dr.'s if we should use this DRUG?? This is so wrong. And..I am just sick to death of TV ads for Viagra, et al. It's such a GREAT image...fat, bald, impotent Americans with tall glasses of water and a variety of multicolored pills to erase everything they don't like about themselves! I am just sick of the entire ad campaign, it is sooooo wrong. Geez, whatever happened to the Keebler elves? Now we see an older couple riding bikes on the beach, implying that they are having a wonderful and active relationship because he's taking Viagra?? Okay....hold me back!!! And please don't even get me started on feminine hygiene... Yikes! Enough for a bright sunny Tuesday...and..I think it's time for me to turn off the TV!!! (smile)


  1. LOL - I know what you mean - I have to get on my soap box every now and then too. Seems there is a pill for everything and illnesses are invented to fit the pills. It is crazy! Thanks for the post - gotta go run get a pill!!!

  2. I hear ya sister!! What I hate is how the insurance companies can control what drug you take. I see this way too often working in a pharmacy. The doc will prescribe one drug but the insurance won't pay for it so the people are forced to take something else. And I don't care what anybody says, a generic drug is not the same as the name brand! Now that's my rant for the day.
    Sorry I had to do it on your blog.
    Hope the rest of your day is great!

  3. Joni, that is so true. Just look at the information coming out about generic drugs lately!! It's frightening, really!
    And hey...you can rant on my blog anytime!! (wink)

  4. We talk about this all the time ... you go gettum girl!!

    Bad enough the insurance control WHAT drug you take, as Joni said ... but if this 'health care package' passes, you won't even get THAT pill ... and if you are 'old' they'll just give you a 'pill' (if you are lucky) & shove you away with no medical treatment to save your life ... WHAT A RIP OFF this whole thing.

    Oh, you are getting me revved for the day ... now I need a 'pill' also. It curdles the blood this 'stuff, bunk & nonsense'.

    TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Can i share your soap box, too?...this all drives me crazy!!!
    And the message this is sending to the younger groups...."just take a pill and everything will be better..the stress of life will go away!" Oh Joy!! What ever happened to "take a deep breath" and relax??!!

    Great post......LindaMay

  6. you go girl! I totally relate and understand and agree!! and if we want to enjoy watching something on TV, we are "forced" to watch these commercials where they try to brainwash us that we will be happier if this happens, or we take that pill, etc. off the subject, but have you seen the new commercials for the scientology religion? I saw one this morning at the gym where they were saying "everyone is looking for some deeper meaning to their life these days, looking for answers, looking for the truth, etc., etc., etc". In my mind, I'm thinking, wow, this is probably a commercial for Jesus and then I saw scientology.org. I said out loud "for crying out loud" and just shook my head. The truth in scientology, I don't think so. The truth in Jesus, I think so. Sorry, that's my soap box for today.

    (thanks for your kind comment about men :)


  7. All drug adds should be removed from tv along with all personal vanity or hygiene adds.

    Matter of fact, i'm tired of politics on my tv everyday all hours of the day...

    violence and who did what to whom specially a child...

    I'm just sick to death of people trying to convince of anything... I'll do it the way my grandparents did it, I'll live it. Oy

  8. LOL!!! I'm in total agreement with you here, and THAT is why I seldom even watch TV. In fact if it were up to me, I wouldn't even own one, lol!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  9. G'morn, Sharon ~ I think the christening gown will go in that special room where Mother & G'ma Maggie can look down & continue to enjoy all their beautiful treasures.

    TY for popping over, have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  10. Well said Sharon.. Only today , my husband and I were discussing the loss of real relationship time together with nature.... and YES, I too am outraged with the ad campaigns that seem to be taking over our lives... The ones that just leave me shaking my head are " This drug may cause "high blood pressure, heart failure or death. etc. etc ....."
    We won't even get on the subject of Viagra .... Think my husband and I will just go ride our bicycle built for two tonight... Have a lovely evening.

  11. Right on!! I'm so sick of it too! You should hear my husband LOL he hates it.