July 16, 2009

~Good Morning Sunshine~

Watching the sun come up from the back porch on a cool morning with a steaming cup of French Vanilla coffee is just like heaven! This morning the sun was a bright red firey ball, and the air was damp and cool. I sat out there watching the bunnies have breakfast (keeping one eye on Freeway...) Which brings me to a very funny story about the night before last:
My hubs and I sit out on the porch in the evening after dinner, reading the paper and letting the doggy out for the last time before bed. Well...all of a sudden Freeway runs off of the porch, ears back, low to the ground, full throttle after a bunny! She was going so fast I could barely get the words out,"Stop!" The smart bunny runs into the corn field...the focused dog runs into a corn stalk!! CRACK!! Out comes Freeway shaking her head, with the funniest, "What the heck hit me?" look on her face! Poor Freeway....she walked slowly to the deck, slowly up the stairs...and layed down. My husband and I were cracking up, as there is a big hole where the cornstalks USED to be...it's like a tunnel, a mini crop circle!
The next evening as we sat reading the paper, the bunny was back....Freeway just sat on the deck eyeballing it...but didn't move an inch!


  1. What a lovely post Sharon. I was reading your comment, and I so agree with you. Yesterday in need for some inspiration oxygen, I went for a walk in a nearby park. I just walked and spent time with the Lord. I came home with the peace of God and filled with you inspiration.

    Have a lovely day.

    Blessings, Karen

  2. Smart Freeway...those dang bunnies hurt!...love the pic

  3. LOL with Freeway and the bunny!! that bunny just "knew" Freeway would have problems in the corn. Koda would have done the same thing (go after the bunny)

    your morning routine sounds so peaceful with your coffee and view!


  4. OMGosh, I was picturing Freeway and the bunny, but also you and Mike watching it all happen. I laughed out loud and I will be sure to tell Jim this one. Love your pics and your stories and you.


  5. Dear Sharon ~~ Lovely post and sunrise photo and I enjoyed seeing inside your beautiful home- Thank you

    Like you, I am intrigued with that
    garden and love the look of it. BUT
    it was part of the joke about the person going on vacation and needing someone to water it. I know they do grow lots of plants on walls in some countries, but not that many. It was a joke.
    I even printed a large picture of it. Take care, my friend,
    Love, Merle.

  6. Gorgeous picture - I love to watch the sunrise too! Sounds like Freeway is a smart pooch!! Have a great weekend!!