July 23, 2009

~The Power of Prayer~

Hello Friends~For this post...another cloud with a silver lining.
It's been quite a long week so far...filled with prayer and meditation. Both of my husband's parents and my mom were in the hospital this week at the same time. My mom (in Dallas) with dizziness, low blood pressure and nausea. Mike's mom (in Idaho) is in a rehab as she has Multiple Sclerosis, and his dad (in Missoula, Montana) was having serious back surgery. Today my mom's diagnosis was over medication, her Dr.'s had given her 3 medications that she took once a day...it turns out, that all three medications were for the same thing!! Each were lowering her heart rate and blood pressure. It's a miracle that she was even walking around for so long. What strength! I would like to know how a mix up like this happens. My personality is one that would like to go into her Dr.'s office and give her a piece of my mind...perhaps it is a good thing I am in Iowa...? Her dear friends picked her up from the hospital, and drove her to have her favorite lunch..Mexican food!!! She is 81 years old.
Mike's dad was in for a 7 hour surgery today for his back. Thank the Lord he did well and is out of surgery now and in recovery. He will spend 5 more days in the hospital. He is 76.
Mike's mom is 77 and doing well with excellent care. She is eating, and gaining a little strength.
Thank you Heavenly Father for your blessings on our family!!


  1. What an overwhelming week you've had. My goodness. God is great and certainly worked in your family.

    Perhaps you should make yourself up a hot tea and sit with a good book out on your new lawn and just relax.


  2. Simply said, 'He hears every word lifted'. Glad to know all is well.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Good thing you're in Iowa, because wow how hard that would be to NOT go storming into that doctor's office. wow.
    Bless your heart you have been through the wringer with worry this week. I will keep your family in my prayers that they will all continue to get better each day!!
    ♥ Teresa

  4. (((Sharon))) poor you and your family; what a week!! you know, that shouldn't have happened with your mom and her medicine. Usually if a patient gets their meds from the same pharmacy, the pharmacist keeps track of things like this. I'm glad it was a "minor" problem, but of course stress and worry all the same.

    So thankful that all seem to be doing as good as they can and that the Lord is faithful for watching over His own :)


  5. Amen..what a exhausing week..take care!

  6. Dear Sharon ~~ What a lot of upsetting things to happen all at once and I hope they all get well quickly. Terrible that your Mother was given too much medication for the
    one symptom. I would be mad too.

    Thank you so much for your comment and I am glad you had a good laugh at the Irish war joke. They must be super Optimists in Ireland!!
    Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  7. I am sorry to hear of your worries this week and am glad that things seem to be settling down.

    My prayers are always with you and yours.

  8. Your plate has certainly been full, I will pray for you all.